Submitted Photo: Jackson football from Saturday, September 8, 2012

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

#42 Ken Maudie, #54 Stephen Dunn, #74 Preston Hobeck and #38 Jackson Rushin close in from all directions to stop Farmingtons running back

#99 Matt Zeller, #42 Maudie put the stops on the Farmington QB as #54 Dunn and #7 Wren prepare to assist

Big trouble coming for Farmingtons QB as #26 Miller and #42 Maudie close in for the sack

#10 Selsor prepares to launch as a Farmington player attempts to stop him.

HEY-OOO!!! A great, but usually shy, Jackson fan show a little enthusiasim during the game against Farmington!! HEY-OOO !!!

#22 Wright heads to the endzone for one of his touchdowns and #45 Schuette provides a block on a Farmington player.

#29 Proffer leaves a wake of destruction behind as he continues to drive toward the goal line after breaking tackle after tackle.

#3 Cook leads the way toward the Jackson Indians goal line with a foot race as the Farmington Knights frantically try to catch up.

#6 Dante Vandeven soars to make and attempt to pick off the pass intended for #81 of the Farmington Knights as #42 Maudie and #38 Rushin come to his aid.

Jackson Indians #7 Wren prepares to extend a defensive welcoming to #81 of the Knights