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Week 5 standings/rankings

Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2012, at 9:07 PM



Rank, teamW-LPTSLW
1. CBC (14) 5-01401
2. Jefferson City5-01192
3. Blue Springs4-11074
4. Lafayette5-01003
5. Rockhurst3-2846
6. Francis Howell5-0687
7. Raymore-Peculiar4-1439
8. De Smet3-2385
9. Hickman 5-032--
10. Blue Springs South 3-21610

Also receiving votes: Parkway South (5-0) 15, Rock Bridge (3-2) 8


Rank, teamW-LPTSLW
1. Kirkwood (9)5-01351
2. Lee's Summit West (5)5-01312
3. Fort Osage5-01113
4. Rockwood Summit4-1964
5. Staley3-2836
6. Parkway Central5-050--
7. Ozark5-0498
8. Hazelwood East3-2429
9. Nixa 4-1357
10. Webster Groves3-2245

Also receiving votes: Winnetonka (4-1) 8, Jackson (5-0) 4, Fort Zumwalt East (4-1) 1, Parkview (5-0) 1


Rank, teamW-LPTSLW
1. Webb City (14)5-01401
2. Savannah5-01262
3. Harrisonville4-11063
4. Sikeston5-0874
5. Helias 3-2785
T6. Hannibal5-0676
T6. Hillcrest5-0677
8. St. Dominic5-030--
9. Sullivan5-029--
10. Miller Career 5-011--

Also receiving votes: Borgia (3-2) 7, St. Joseph Lafayette (4-1) 7, Excelsior Springs (4-1) 6, Carthage (3-2) 4, Liberty North (2-3) 2, Westminster (4-1) 2, Platte County (4-1) 1


Rank, teamW-LPTSLW
1. John Burroughs (14)5-01401
2. Maryville5-01262
3. Cassville5-01073
4. Oak Grove5-01004
5. Centralia5-0875
6. Ste. Genevieve4-1606
7. Soldan4-1497
8. Hogan Prep5-0478
9. Clinton4-1210
10. California5-020--

Also receiving votes: Duchesne (3-2) 5, Salem (5-0) 4, Orchard Farm (5-0) 2, Park Hills Central (3-2) 2


Rank, teamW-LPTSLW
1. Lafayette County (13) 5-01391
2. Blair Oaks5-01222
3. Maplewood-RH (1)4-11013
4. MV-Liberty4-1964
5. Clark County5-0855
6. Caruthersville4-1656
7. Holden 4-1597
8. Mountain Grove5-04810
9. South Callaway4-1179
10. Strafford4-112--

Also receiving votes: Lathrop (4-1) 11, Lamar (3-2) 7, Brookfield (4-1) 5, Sarcoxie (5-0) 4, Butler (4-1) 1


Rank, teamW-LPTSLW
1. Hamilton (14)5-01401
2. Salisbury5-01202
3. Tipton5-01063
4. Valle Catholic4-11034
5. Miller5-0775
6. Skyline5-0686
7. Wellington-Napoleon4-1527
8. Westran 5-0488
9. South Harrison 4-1319
10. East Buchanan4-114--

Also receiving votes: South Shelby (3-2) 7, Cass-Midway (4-1) 3, Drexel (4-1) 1.


Cape Central2-31-1110114
Poplar Bluff2-30-382102
New Madrid1-41-261106
Scott City4-12-112774
East Prairie0-50-325239

MSHSAA District standings

Class 5

District 1WLPTS
Poplar Bluff2325.90

Class 4

District 1WLPTS
Cape Central2337.40
North County3235.20

Class 3

District 1WLPTS
Ste. Genevieve4141.40
Park Hills Central3241.40
New Madrid Central1423.70
Lift for Life0516.70

Class 2

District 1WLPTS
Scott City4137.85
St. Pius X1420.13
East Prairie0515.50

Class 1

District 1WLPTS
Valle Catholic4148.30
St. Vincent2338.67
Crystal City1427.26

Note: These are the updated standings from MSHSAA. The previous numbers posted were taken from MSHSAA on Saturday night with the thinking that they were compete for the week. Normally I do them on Monday morning but since I had a prior obligation away from work I wanted to make sure they were posted on the blog ASAP so you don't have to search for all the local teams on MSHSAA's website. The points were adjusted between the time I typed them up and when I posted them on this blog. The adjustment in points is reflected in the numbers which were given to MSHSAA by the schools (in other words, an opponent may not have posted their scores to the MSHSAA site at the time I posted the standings). In the future I will not post district standings until noon Monday to ensure that all scores have been posted to MSHSAA.

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Here's what doesn't make sense to me!

Caruthersville was #1 in the standing's last week. Both Scott City and Caruthersville won last week. Caruthersville beat a class 3 team 41-14 while Scott City beat a class 1 team 27-12. If I'm not mistaken, shouldn't Caruthersville get a bonus for playing up, plus they won by over 13. Shouldn't they have kept the 1 spot? Not understand how or why Scott City jumped them when they played down in competition.

-- Posted by Cheesehead. on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 7:59 AM

Mshsaa has Caruthersville with 45.3

-- Posted by Cheesehead. on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 8:02 AM

NMCC's record is 1-4, not 2-3. I would've thought Dexter would've moved ahead of NMCC this week since we won by more than 13 and they lost by more than 13.

Just goes to show you need a Ph.D in trigonometry to figure this new system out! Lol.

-- Posted by Preacher Man Fan on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 9:10 AM

Naw no PhD needed! Just need to pay attention to details.

Btw Preacher, I watched the Dexter/Kennett game last night and Dexter's QB Dowdy is getting a lot better. He could be really good next year.

-- Posted by Cheesehead. on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 9:14 AM

Dexter sits at #5 with 26.9 and NMCC sits at #6 with 23.7

-- Posted by Cheesehead. on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 9:16 AM

Hey where do you go on MSHSAA's website to see those numbers!? went to the website and I can't find them haha. I kinda thought dexter would have moved ahead as well. They play poplar bluff, two classes up, and NMCC hasnt played a class 5 team, so that should have bumped them up some. I know NMCC didn't lose to charleston or sikeston by 13 points, and Dexter has lost by 13 3 times, and by wide margins. So maybe that has something to do with it.

-- Posted by BuckMajor on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 9:45 AM


On the bottom left hand side, click show district standings.

-- Posted by Cheesehead. on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 9:48 AM

Thanks cheese!

-- Posted by BuckMajor on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 9:54 AM

Your strength of schedule points are dynamic. They change as the year progresses. You want your opponents to have good years except when you play them!

-- Posted by mojo3 on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 11:03 AM

These numbers don't match whats on the Mshsaa site.

anyone know why?

-- Posted by nature boy on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 11:27 AM
Brian Rosener
See note.

A little creative sports writing? Several of these don't match MSHAA's

-- Posted by pmstewert420 on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 11:27 PM
Brian Rosener
No, honest mistake trying to get you the information quickly. First year of new system will have kinks to iron out, this was one of them. If you wish to call into question my integrity feel free to contact myself or the editor of this site instead of posting accusations anonymously.

Ya, those Saturday games really screw things up....BTW Brian I hope your comment was not directed at me as I was questioning Mshaa's web editing not yours.....chill bro! I would not be surprised if their numbers have not changed again since I last looked on their site.

-- Posted by pmstewert420 on Tue, Sep 25, 2012, at 1:05 PM
Brian Rosener
I'm the sports writer so that's why I felt it was directed at me. My integrity is all I have to offer as a reporter. I could tell you the sky is blue but if I lied to you before would you believe me? If that's the case, I'm out of a job.

Wow Brian getting a little testy hahab

-- Posted by FootballFan12 on Wed, Sep 26, 2012, at 10:34 AM

Brian, when do you think Portageville will start getting some love?

-- Posted by Preacher Man Fan on Wed, Sep 26, 2012, at 2:25 PM
Brian Rosener
Beating Hayti and Scott City in consecutive weeks would help, but Class 1 is pretty solid right now. At 3-2 South Shelby has a loss to a Class 3 ranked team in Centralia and a close loss at Class 2 3-2 Palmyra. Another loss might open up a spot for Portageville but those 1-loss teams have good losses (if that makes sense). For example, Valle's loss to a ranked Ste. Gen, South Harrison's loss to No. 1 Hamilton but beat East Buch and Cass-Midway beat Drexel but lost by 7 on the road. As for the 5-0 teams, Hamilton has given up a total of 13 points, Tipton is averaging 42.8 points, Miller's closest game was last week, Skyline hasn't scored less than 40 in a game and Westran has given up just 14 points.

Makes it tough to find a place for Portageville but it doesn't take away the season they are having or the fact that they have just as much of a chance to win a state title as everybody else.

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