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The new side of semoball.com

Posted Wednesday, March 14, 2012, at 10:22 AM

Semoball's newest addition is semoball.com/recsports. The hope for rec sports on semoball is to be a hub for recreational sports in Southeast Missouri. This section will provide information and results from recreation events happening in the area, and have individual pages for leagues or traveling teams.

Rec sports is a place to promote your recreational events. Advertise special events, 5K races, one-day softball tournaments, etc. This makes rec sports a great resource to find recreation events and leagues for youth, adults and families.

We're just getting started adding leagues. We hope to have more from all over Southeast Missouri added to rec sports.

I will be managing this new section, so with out further ado, let me tell you 10 features of semoball.com/recsports:

1. Get information on upcoming recreational events and leagues. Under "Newest Information" on the rec sports home page, you can view the latest announcements on recreational events, charity runs, or league sign ups and tryouts. You can also submit an announcement on an event you're hosting to share with the community.

2. View schedules, roster, results and standings. If your league has been added to semoball, your league administrator can submit schedules and rosters before the season that will appear on the page. Once the season is underway, results and standings will be updated weekly.

3. View announcements from league administrators. Your league administrator can post announcements directly to your league page. Check here for information regarding cancellations, time changes, practice dates, etc.

4. Submit photos and videos. Submit photos or videos of your team in action to appear on your league page and the rec sports home page. If you aren't part of a league featured on semoball, that's OK too. Your submitted photos and videos will be posted on the rec sports home page.

5. Text alerts. Sign up to receive text alerts from your league administrator. It's an easy 3-step process. Just select "Text Alerts" on the rec sports home page or your league page, fill out your information, and select your league.

6. Curious about specific leagues? View detailed league information from league pages. Select the sport you are interested in from the rec sports home page. From there, you can see which leagues have been added from your area. Every league page has an information section that provides the league details, including cost, when they play, and levels of competition.

7. Receive information through Facebook and Twitter. Are you a social media user? Rec sports is on Facebook and Twitter. "Like" semoball.com on Facebook, or follow @semoballrec on Twitter to get information on the newest announcements or updated league pages.

8. Submit results from one-day events. Have you hosted a 5K? Charity softball tournament? You can have your results on semoball by emailing them to recsports@semissourian.com and the results will be posted on the rec sports home page.

9. Be featured in the print edition of the Southeast Missourian. Select photos or event results will be featured in the print edition of the Southeast Missourian for everyone in the community to see.

10. As league administrators, what can you do through semoball.com/recsports? Having a page on semoball is a great communication tool for you and your league. Your page will have it's own web address for participants or parents to directly go to. You can submit schedules, rosters and results that will go on the page for your league participants to see. You will be able to post announcements directly to your page about cancellations, time changes, practices dates, etc. Your league will also be registered for a text alert account. This enables you to communicate to your league participants through texting. It's a simple process to add your team or league. Just go to semoball.com/recsports and click on "add your team or league". Fill out the information and I'll get back to you about creating your page.

We want your feedback about rec sports. Look around the rec sports pages by selecting the rec sports icon on the right of semoball.com or go directly to semoball.com/recsports. This is your area for rec sports and we want it to be a community resource that continues to grow, so give us your suggestions in the comment section below, or contact me directly at jseabaugh@semissourian.com.

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Jordan is the recreational sports editor for semoball.com.
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