Girls Tennis Roundup, Sept. 21: Saxony Lutheran finishes fourth in Farmington Tournament

The Saxony Lutheran girl's tennis squad poses after recently finishing fourth in the Farmington Tournament. Shown are (from left) Crusaders coach Amy Birk, Ava Brown, Skyler Soto, Maddox Murphy, Sydney Turner, Mary Richey, and Megan Benkendorf.
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Saxony Lutheran competed in Farmington girls tennis tournament friday and finished fourth out of four teams. Host Farmington won the competition, with Windsor finishing second and Potosi finishing third.

Individual scores included:

1.Michelle Whitaker(P) def. Sydney Turner(SL) 8-5
2.Mia Steighorst(W) def. Maddox Murphy(SL) 8-4
3.Karmin Duncan(F) def. Skyler Soto(SL) 8-2
4.Grace Laramore(P) def. Mary Richey(SL) 8-1
5.Symphony Schodroski(W) def. Ava Brown(SL) 8-1
6.Helen Griffin(F) def. Megan Benkedorf(SL) 8-1

1. Turner(SL) def. Sowa(W) 8-6, Finished third

2. Murphy(SL) def. Hornsey(P) 8-4, finished third

3. Soto(SL) def. Allgier(P) 8-1, finished third

4. Richey(SL) def. Allen(W) 8-5, finished third

5. Krebs(P) def. Brown(SL) 8-6, finished fourth

6. Benkendorf(SL) def. Littrell(P) 8-6, finished third

Jackson, Cape Central, and Saxony Lutheran compete in Jackson Doubles Tournament

In the Jackson varsity doubles tournament held on Saturday it was Liberty-Wentzville taking first place in flight one competition, Jackson winning first place in flight two, Liberty-Wentzville winning flight three competition, and Liberty-Wentzville taking flight four. Cape Central and Saxony Lutheran also competed.

Flight one results include:

Gamm/Flinn(LW) def. Emily Ford/Megan Maxton(CC) 9-8(75)

Delaney Pipkin/Mia Foote(J) def. Skyler Soto/Mary Richey(SL) 8-3

Gamm/Flinn(LW) def. Soto/Richey(SL) 8-1

Ford/Maxton(CC) def. Pipkin/Foot(J) 8-0

Gamm/Flinn(LW) def. Pipkin/Foote(J) 8-1

Ford/Maxton(CC) def. Soto/Richey(SL) 8-0

Flight two results include:

Torbet/Boucher(LW) def. Cammy Soto/Jalee Spain(CC) 8-1

Marissa Buehler/Avery Ford(J) def. Ava Brown/Megan Benkendorf(SL) 8-3

Torbert/Boucher(LW) def. Brown/Benkendorf(SL) 8-1

Buehler/Ford(J) def. Soto/Spain(CC) 8-6

Buehler/Ford(J) def. Torbet/Boucher(LW) 9-8 (7-3)

Soto/Spain(CC) def. Brown/Benkedorf(SL) 8-3

Flight three results include:

Brockman/Brockman(LW) def. Kylie Creech/Kenzi Ramdia(CC) 8-1

Haley Beiser/Audrey Clayton(J) def. Bianca Scholl/Evie Caruso(SL) 8-1

Brockman/Brockman(LW) def. Scholl/Caruso(SL) 8-0

Beiser/Clayton(J) def. Creech/Ramdia(CC) 8-5

Creech/Ramdia(CC) def. Scholl/Caruso(SL) 8-2

Flight four results include:

Zoe Mayfield/Rileigh Stevens(CC) def. Torbit/Albrecht(LW) 8-0

Taylor Fehr/Micah Weisbrod(J) def. Savannah Schorey/Lydia Weber(Jb) 8-6

Torbit/Albrecht(LW) def. Schorey/Weber(Jb) 8-3

Fehr/Weisbrod(J) def. Mayfield/Stevens(CC) 8-3

Torbit/Albrecht(LW) def. Fehr/Weisbrod(J) 8-2

Schorey/Weber(Jb) def. Mayfield/Stevens(CC) 8-0

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