SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Nolan Heady, Ellington

Nolan Heady

Ellington High School
SPORTS: Baseball.
PARENTS: Thomas and Molly Heady.
SIBLINGS: Johnathan Heady.
PETS: Hugo (Yellow Lab)

PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: Attending SLU ó Mechanical Engineering Major

WHAT DO YOU MISS ABOUT SCHOOL: I miss my great group of friends who made high school so memorable, and I miss my teachers and Coach (Jake0 Hime who helped me so much.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF THIS SENIOR YEAR: Iíve learned that things donít always go as planned, and sometimes life isnít fair. But having a positive attitude can make a difference.

BEST SPORTS MEMORY: Winning the 2019 baseball state championship and the celebrations that followed.

SPORT YOU WANT TO TRY: Iíd like to improve my golf game. Iíve only gone a few times, but happened to really enjoy it.

OTHER ACTIVITIES, HOBBIES: I have been involved in various academic clubs and extracurricular activities, including BETA, Robotics Club, Band, FCA, FBLA, and Student Council. I enjoy going to concerts, camping, cars and baseball.

PICK ONE ó PLAY YOUR SPORT ONE LAST TIME, ATTEND PROM OR HAVE A GRADUATION CEREMONY: I would love to play one more game as a Whippet, alongside my friends and teammates. There was a strong sense of loss when we learned our last season together wouldnít be realized. It felt like we left things undone; there was no closure.

ATHLETE: Bo Jackson;
SPORTS TEAM: St. Louis Cardinals;
FOOD: Gyros;
MUSIC: Everything from Hank Williams to Rolling Stones to Travis Scott;
TV SHOW: Breaking Bad.
MOVIE: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

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