SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Taylor Anthony, Bernie

Taylor Anthony

Bernie High School
SPORTS: Softball, volleyball, cheerleading.
PARENTS: Jon Anthony and Kelli Anthony.

SIBLINGS: Tucker and Tatum Anthony.
PETS: Three dogs.

PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: Attend Three Rivers and use a cheerleading scholarship as well as the A+ program to help me achieve my degree in Nursing.

WHAT DO YOU MISS ABOUT SCHOOL: Iíll miss seeing all of my friends every day at school as well as playing sports. Having a bond with my classmates is something Iíll cherish forever. Iíll also miss being a cadet teacher for Kindergarten.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF THIS SENIOR YEAR: Iíve learned that itís a great thing to be independent as well as be a good leader for others. People are always watching so you should try to be the best role model possible.

BEST SPORTS MEMORY: My best sports memory would be winning anything in softball. Whether it was County, Swing Pink, or the Puxico Tournament, winning and playing those games were the best times.

SPORT YOU WANT TO TRY: I always participated in everything at Bernie but if there was one sport I would try it would be basketball.

OTHER ACTIVITIES, HOBBIES: I also participated in FBLA, FCA, BETA, and Student Council.

PICK ONE ó PLAY YOUR SPORT ONE LAST TIME, ATTEND PROM OR HAVE A GRADUATION CEREMONY: If it had to choose one, it would be play my sport one last time. I feel this way because it would not only give me closure, it would also give me a chance to make more memories and win more championships. It would give my team and chance to win it all.

ATHLETE: Sis Bates (college softball)
SPORTS TEAM: University of Oklahoma
FOOD: Mexican
MUSIC: Country
TV SHOW: Greys Anatomy
MOVIE: Remember the Titans

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