SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Kelsey Spitzer, Bernie

Kelsey Spitzer

Bernie High School
SPORTS: Softball, volleyball.
PARENTS: Chris and Stacey Spitzer; John and Mindy Chandler.
SIBLINGS: Caidyn and Chandler Spitzer; Kayleigh and John Chandler.
PETS: Cache and Cali.

PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: Attend Three Rivers and major in nursing.

WHAT DO YOU MISS ABOUT SCHOOL: My teachers, coaches, friends and sports.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF THIS SENIOR YEAR: That Iím capable of doing anything I put my mind to and work hard for.

BEST SPORTS MEMORY: Winning championships in both sports.

SPORT YOU WANT TO TRY: I always thought track would be cool but I actually donít like running so thatís out of the picture.


PICK ONE ó PLAY YOUR SPORT ONE LAST TIME, ATTEND PROM OR HAVE A GRADUATION CEREMONY: Out of all these I would choose to have a normal graduation ceremony. Iíve had so many years of proms (this year would have been my fourth) Iíve played sports, won championships and met my goals in the sports I played but Iíve never had a graduation ceremony. How I look at it is, if we canít have our family there to celebrate our many years of hard work and to finally see us walk across the stage then whatís the point? I hope more than anything we can have a normal and traditional graduation ceremony classes before us have had.

FOOD: Shrimp
MUSIC: All kinds
TV SHOW: Greyís Anatomy.

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