Changes made to second year of Youth Empowerment football league

SIKESTON — Youth Empowerment 573 is bringing some changes to its 2020 football league this season.

Former Sikeston football standout and current assistant coach Treston Pulley calls it the “coronavirus changes,” and said that he is stirring things up amidst the virus that has halted nearly every sport.

“We’re shortening it up, and we’re dumbing it down to four teams this year, just because we want to be as social distanced as possible,” Pulley said. “Other than that, everything else is going to be the same. It’s also going to be a week-long this year. Saturday and Sunday will be our game days, similar to AAU basketball. We’ll have pool games on Saturday, and then that determines your seeds for Sunday.

“That’s what’s going to take place that week. The thing that I’m looking forward to the most is just getting back out and playing ball. It’s been a long time with all this stuff going on. Now we finally have a chance to get back out there and get after it again.”

Nearly 40 kids have signed-up so far for the league.

Even though registration is listed to go until Friday (June 12), Pulley said that Monday is the real deadline for signups.

“Monday will be like the last day that we start taking people in because that will be the start of practices,” Pulley said. “I know it was a short registration, but there was a long line of people constantly asking and asking. So, I feel like that week gave us plenty of time, and they’re still signing up, so we’re going to exceed those numbers.”

Practices run from Monday (June 15) to Friday (June 19), with games on Saturday (June 20) and Sunday (June 21). All games are Lincoln Memorial Park in Sikeston.

“I’m glad to keep doing this,” Pulley said. “The more that we can do this, the more we can get kids involved and gain exposure. That’s the biggest thing I think I want to take away from this as well, exposing the kids as much as possible early on.”

Additionally, bringing people together during a time when a lot of division is occurring is how Pulley’s sister, Taneshia, looks at the league.

Taneshia said that what she thinks the league is doing is “bridge the gap from both ends of Sikeston,” and for people to be more comfortable around one another, along with getting all youth and families involved.

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