SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Rachel Rowold, Clearwater

Rachel Rowold

Clearwater High School
SPORTS: Basketball, Softball and Volleyball
PARENTS: David & Dawn Rowold
SIBLINGS: Caleb & Hannah Rowold
PETS: Two well-fed cats (Lazzie & Cee-Cee)
PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: I plan to attend Arkansas State University to major in psychology and biology.

WHAT DO YOU MISS ABOUT SCHOOL: All the times spent and memories made with my teammates.

WHAT YOU YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF SENIOR YEAR: That I can be both a verbal and non-verbal leader.

BEST SPORTS MEMORY: All the bus rides to and from games

SPORT YOU WANT TO TRY: Snowboarding. I’ve always wanted to try it because it looks so darn cool.

OTHER ACTIVITIES OR HOBBIES: School plays, BETA, FBLA, FCA and History Club.

PICK ONE — PLAY YOUR SPORT ONE LAST TIME, ATTEND PROM, OR HAVE A GRADUATION CEREMONY: Play my favorite sport one more time. I can wear a poofy dress anytime and I hopefully will have a graduation ceremony after four years of college.

ATHLETE: Jackie Robinson
SPORTS TEAM: St. Louis Cardinals
FOOD: Mashed potatoes
MUSIC: Anything from ’60s to ’80s
TV SHOW: Bones
MOVIE: Top Gun

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