SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Noah Burton, Neelyville

Noah Burton

Neelyville High School
SPORTS: Baseball, basketball
Parents: Aaron and Dee Burton
Siblings: JD and Micha Burton
Pets: Nala (Pitbull)
Plans after high school: Attend Three Rivers College to obtain my AA and transfer to a university to finish my education.

What do you miss about school: All the memories that I did not get to make with my classmates on our senior trip and senior pranks.

What have you learned about yourself this senior year: I have learned who are some of my true friends and who I can truly count on as life continues outside the hallways of high school.

best sports memory: All the bus rides to and from basketball/baseball games.

any sport you want to try: I am always down to try new sports and activities, so I am opened to trying anything in the future.

Other activities or hobbies: Senior Beta Club, FBLA, Cadet Teaching.

Pick one — play your sport one last time, attend prom, or have a graduation ceremony: Definitely play my sport one last time. Our basketball season flew by so fast that I would love to play just one more game with my brothers on the court.

Athlete: Vladimir Tarasenko
Sports team: St Louis Blues
School subject: History
Food: Pancakes
Music: Anything
TV: Any show that deals with crime or investigations

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