SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Chase Sarabia, Naylor

Chase Sarabia

Naylor High School

SPORTS: Basketball (4 years), baseball (3).

PARENTS: Clarence Sarabia, Brian and Sarah Coomer

SIBLINGS: Cameron, Shae, Kaylei and Kyleigh.

PETS: JuJu (Yorkie)

PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL: Hope to attend Shawnee College playing baseball.

WHAT DO YOU MISS ABOUT SCHOOL: Baseball and friends.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF THIS SENIOR YEAR: Life is short and take things as they come.

BEST SPORTS MEMORY: Hitting a grand slam and home run in the same game.

IS THERE A SPORT YOU WANT TO TRY: Just the ones I already enjoy, basketball — to stay in shape for baseball.


PICK ONE — PLAY YOUR SPORT ONE LAST TIME, ATTEND PROM OR HAVE A GRADUATION CEREMONY: Play baseball one last time. I still graduate whether there’s a ceremony or not, and prom saves my mom some money.

ATHLETE: Simon Lizotte, Professional Disc Golfer
SPORTS TEAM: Miami Marlins
FOOD: Hawaian Dish - Musubi
MUSIC: All genres really, except country
TV SHOW: Not much of a TV watcher
MOVIE: White Chicks

Editor’s note: This is part of a series honoring area high school seniors that did not get a spring sports season due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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