Coaches say players should work on their games during COVID-19 break

With practices for spring sports are on hold, Stoddard County coaches are encouraging their athletes to work out on their own.

“I have told my players that social distancing does not require they do not go outside and exercise,” Dexter tennis coach Eric Boles said. “I told them to go out and be active, play some tennis with their family, and work on the little things so that when we get back at it they are ready to hit the ground running.”

Dexter baseball coach Drew Pixley said his players can work on their skills on their own.

“Baseball isn’t a sport that relies on pure athleticism,” he said. “A player must build a set of skills in order to compete at a high level. A couple kids have cages and tees at their disposal, (and) I loaned a couple of tees out as well. It is important that they continue to throw as well. Obviously to throw, they need a partner to throw with. As of now, that is still fine unless they go to a true quarantine situation.”

Dexter track and field coach Kim Waldner said that athletes who have that extra drive and willpower will be ready if and when the season begins.

“Some of the kids already have plans to meet as a small group and practice on their own,” Waldner said. “They are going to push each other and make each other better. We as coaches can stress running and staying in shape, but ultimately it's their choice and their desire for success. We have some great kids that want to be the best and they aren't going to let this set them back.”

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