Kennett wrestling team turns attention to postseason after facing tough competition at SEMO Conference Tournament

Kennett's Chase Malone, bottom, grimaces as Hillsboro's James Short gets a hold on him during the SEMO Conference Wrestling Tournament Friday, Jan. 24, 2020, at Jackson High School in Jackson.
Tyler Graef ~ Southeast Missourian

JACKSON, Mo. - The Kennett wrestling team is preparing for its stretch run after facing stiff competition at the SEMO Conference Wrestling Tournament Friday and Saturday at Jackson High School

Kennett (175) placed 14th out of 16 teams at the SEMO Conference Tournament that concluded Saturday night. Jackson (692) finished first for a fourth straight season. Farmington (564.5) and Poplar Bluff (550.5) took second and third respectively.

“It’s always a very tough tournament,” Kennett wrestling coach Mike Henley said. “There are a lot of Class 3 and Class 4 schools in it. Jackson won it again this year. They are always tough.

“We did get to face some Class 2 wrestlers that will be in our district,” Henley added. “That should help prepare us for the district. But as a team, we performed kind of like a recently established program would in the conference tournament.”

Kennett’s top performers at the SEMO Conference Tournament were junior Chase Malone and sophomore Hayden Higgins.

Malone won three of his seven matches. He placed sixth in the 126-pound weight class.

“Chase wrestled hard on Friday and upset a gentleman from Notre Dame he wasn’t supposed to beat - Owen Dowdy,” Henley said. “That got him on the top side of the bracket going into Saturday. He had some tough matches after that but I think he can compete with some of those kids moving forward.”

Higgins also won three of his seven matches to finish seventh in the 182-pound weight class.

“He battled hard the first day and got in the top side of the bracket,” Henley said. “He just ran into some kids from bigger schools on the second day.”

Kennett had wrestlers compete in 11 of the 14 weight classes at the tournament. Cirilo Tejeda and Jarrot Ward were unable to wrestle due to injuries. Henley hopes to fill at least 12 of the 14 weight classes in the district tournament.

“Right now we’ve got two wrestlers injured,” Henley said. “Cirilo Tejeda suffered a finger injury. He’s out for two weeks but should be back just in time for the district. Jarrot Ward is also having some shoulder issues. He hasn’t been cleared yet and we are unsure if he will be cleared before the district but everyone else should be good to go.”

Kennett has three regular-season matches left to sharpen its skills before the start of the Class 2, District 1 wrestling tournament at St. Clair High School on Feb. 14. Kennett visits New Madrid County Central Jan. 28 at 5 p.m., competes at Sikeston Feb. 5 at 6 p.m., and competes at the Cape Quad Feb. 11 at 5 p.m.

“We’ve just got to stay positive moving forward,” Henley said. “We didn’t place as high at the conference meet as some of us wanted to. But we’ve still got a couple of weeks left and need to realize we can get better every day. Some small mistakes we are making are costing us points so if we can make some corrections we should be better prepared.”

Kennett's Otrevin Walls grimaces as Sikeston's Dominic Mullin closes in on a pin during the SEMO Conference Wrestling Tournament Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020, at Jackson High School in Jackson.
Tyler Graef ~ Southeast Missourian


1. Jackson 692, 2. Farmington 564.5, 3. Poplar Bluff 550.5, 4. Hillsboro 547.5, 5. Dexter 428, 6. Park Hills Central 404.5, 7. Windsor 390, 8. Ste. Genevieve 387.5, 9. Cape Central 356.5, 10. NMCC 272, 11. Sikeston 252, 12. North County 246.5, 13. Potosi 177.5, 14. Kennett 175, 15. Valle Catholic 162, 16. Notre Dame 71


106-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Gavin Alexander, Hillsboro

2nd Place - Gatlin Taylor, Poplar Bluff

3rd Place - Nate Schnur, Farmington

4th Place - Jacob Leavitt, Sikeston

5th Place - Trenton Bollinger, Jackson

6th Place - Diego McCormick, Dexter

7th Place - Gavin Patterson, Kennett

8th Place - Charles Owens, Windsor (Imperial)

9th Place - Kaden Gegg, Valle Catholic

1st Place Match

Alexander (34-2) over Taylor (26-3) by decision 6-1

113-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Riley Wiseman, Jackson

2nd Place - Cody White, North County

3rd Place - Gavin Gross, Ste. Genevieve

4th Place - Dayton Boyd, Farmington

5th Place - Aidan Haggard, Hillsboro

6th Place - Ryan Criddle, Cape Central

7th Place - Austin Hassell, Central (Park Hills)

8th Place - Eric Harmon, Dexter

9th Place - Gavin Hicks, Poplar Bluff

10th Place - Jesus Diaz, Kennett

11th Place - Joe Hirst, Windsor (Imperial)

12th Place - Eddie Foster, Sikeston

13th Place - Shayne Vandegriff, Potosi

1st Place Match

Wiseman (35-3) over White (26-2) by decision 3-1

120-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Austin Wadlow, Farmington

2nd Place - Dalton McNeal, Ste. Genevieve

3rd Place - Rhett Wiseman, Jackson

4th Place - Bryston Pemberton, Dexter

5th Place - Evan Morris, Hillsboro

6th Place - Kobe Bolin, Central (Park Hills)

7th Place - Blayne McDermott, Sikeston

8th Place - Nate Lawrence, New Madrid County Central

9th Place - Andrew Easton, Poplar Bluff

10th Place - Henry Kennedy, Notre Dame

11th Place - Devin Rowe, Cape Central

12th Place - Ethan Davis, Kennett

1st Place Match

Wadlow (23-3) over McNeal (33-8) by decision 5-0

126-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - James Short, Hillsboro

2nd Place - Alec Bailey, Jackson

3rd Place - Kyle Crawford, Farmington

4th Place - Chris Singleton, North County

5th Place - David Coroma, Potosi

6th Place - Chase Malone, Kennett

7th Place - Connor Meynell, Windsor (Imperial)

8th Place - Trey Scott, Sikeston

9th Place - Owen Dowdy, Notre Dame

10th Place - Dace Wisdom, Poplar Bluff

11th Place - Cutter Cornett, Dexter

12th Place - Alex Nickelson, Ste. Genevieve

13th Place - Creed Davis, Cape Central

15th Place - Joseph Flieg, Valle Catholic

1st Place Match

Short (33-4) over Bailey (34-4) by decision 4-0

132-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Kade Willis, Central (Park Hills)

2nd Place - Dalton Litzsinger, Hillsboro

3rd Place - Dawson Bevens, Cape Central

4th Place - Lucas Robertson, Poplar Bluff

5th Place - Blake Cook, Farmington

6th Place - Nathan Selby, Ste. Genevieve

7th Place - Tyler Perry, Windsor (Imperial)

8th Place - Grady Livingston, Jackson

9th Place - Timothy Neubert, Potosi

1st Place Match

Willis (27-3) over Litzsinger (35-2) by decision 8-4

138-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Jacob Dickens, Ste. Genevieve

2nd Place - Griffin Ray, Hillsboro

3rd Place - Quinten Bell, Poplar Bluff

4th Place - Drew Felker, Farmington

5th Place - Griffin Horman, Jackson

6th Place - Jordan Borseth, North County

7th Place - Drew Soule, Dexter

8th Place - Hunter Settles, Central (Park Hills)

9th Place - Jeremiah Johnson, Cape Central

10th Place - Ken Parton, Windsor (Imperial)

11th Place - Troquan Mays, Central (New Madrid County)

12th Place - Aidan Boyer, Potosi

13th Place - Tyler Preston, Kennett

1st Place Match

Dickens (27-3) over Ray (34-2) by decision 2-1

145-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Schmuke Branch, Farmington

2nd Place - Levi Kaelin, Jackson

3rd Place - Mason Keena, Dexter

4th Place - Cannon Gaddis, Sikeston

5th Place - Ben Colclasure, Poplar Bluff

6th Place - Jacob Wilcox, New Madrid County Central

7th Place - Raymund Barnett, Hillsboro

8th Place - Seth Winkelmann, Windsor (Imperial)

9th Place - Jamourian Grimsley, Cape Central

10th Place - Levi Wiegand, Ste. Genevieve

11th Place - Colten Bess, Central (Park Hills)

12th Place - Aaron Huff, North County

1st Place Match

Branch (29-11) over Kaelin (32-8) by decision 5-1

152-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Garner Horman, Jackson

2nd Place - Blake Bolin, Central (Park Hills)

3rd Place - Luke Longtin, Windsor (Imperial)

4th Place - Dylan Jordan, Cape Central

5th Place - Kyle Cresswell, North County

6th Place - Seth Barris, Poplar Bluff

7th Place - Jacob Medler, Dexter

8th Place - Kaleb Myracle, Ste. Genevieve

9th Place - Joshua Bieser, Valle Catholic

10th Place - Devyn Tinsley, Sikeston

11th Place - Colby Vinson, Farmington

12th Place - Ty Blakey, New Madrid County Central

13th Place - Chase Hollycross-Frank, Hillsboro

14th Place - Garrett Valle, Potosi

1st Place Match

Horman (29-1) over Bolin (21-10) by fall, 3:50

160-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Noah Uhrhan, Jackson

2nd Place - Justin Mitchell, Poplar Bluff

3rd Place - Alex Townsend, Dexter

4th Place - William Mayberry, Central (Park Hills)

5th Place - Cameren Walley, Cape Central

6th Place - Trey Huck, Valle Catholic

7th Place - Dominic Pona, Windsor (Imperial)

8th Place - Bret Bieser, Ste. Genevieve

9th Place - Austin Declue, North County

10th Place - Levi Courtney, Potosi

11th Place - Dominic Mullin, Sikeston

12th Place - Nicholas Green, Hillsboro

13th Place - Luke Houston, Farmington

14th Place - Otrevian Walls, Kennett

1st Place Match

Uhrhan (30-8) over Mitchell (27-9) by fall 1:09

170-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Travis Waldner, Dexter

2nd Place - Jacob Wicker, New Madrid County Central

3rd Place - Tyler Beyatte, Jackson

4th Place - Davion Steele, Poplar Bluff

5th Place - Kael Krause, Farmington

6th Place - Anthony Wilson, North County

7th Place - Cody Skaggs, Central (Park Hills)

8th Place - Mason Diamond, Cape Central

9th Place - Lorenzo Thomas, Kennett

10th Place - Austin Henry, Windsor (Imperial)

11th Place - John Bennett III, Hillsboro

12th Place - Kolten Naeger, Valle Catholic

13th Place - Elijah Holifield, Ste. Genevieve

14th Place - Isaac Griggs, Sikeston

1st Place Match

Waldner (35-0) over Wicker (24-5) by fall 0:54

182-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Cole Parker, Jackson

2nd Place - Judd Cunningham, Farmington

3rd Place - Zach McNees, Hillsboro

4th Place - Chris Butts, Windsor (Imperial)

5th Place - Riley Sater, Poplar Bluff

6th Place - Hayden Higgins, Kennett

7th Place - Dale Propst, Ste. Genevieve

8th Place - Anthony Robinson Cape Central

9th Place - Parker Vanslyke, Dexter

10th Place - Mark Fisher, Sikeston

11th Place - Tim Okenfuss, Valle Catholic

12th Place - Joshua Whaley, Central (Park Hills)

1st Place Match

Parker (33-3) over Cunningham (29-8) by fall 0:52

195-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Cole Amelunke, Jackson

2nd Place - Josh Pullen, Cape Central

3rd Place - Seif Elkhashab, Windsor (Imperial)

4th Place - Royce Harris, Farmington

5th Place - Blake Hearst, Hillsboro

6th Place - Troy Harris, Central (Park Hills)

7th Place - Desmond Howell, Poplar Bluff

8th Place - Brian Tims, Sikeston

9th Place - Ethan Jackson, Notre Dame

10th Place - William Vaughn, Ste. Genevieve

11th Place - Jamian Golden, New Madrid County Central

12th Place - Preston Ragland, Kennett

13th Place - Shawn Robards, Dexter

15th Place - Adrian Lipp, Valle Catholic

1st Place Match

Amelunke (29-0) over Pullen (22-4) match won by forfeit

220-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Quazavion Jackson, New Madrid County Central

2nd Place - David Ekstam, Jackson

3rd Place - Gavyn Hays, Poplar Bluff

4th Place - John Moseley IV, Hillsboro

5th Place - Austin Carver, Central (Park Hills)

6th Place - Peyton Simily, Farmington

7th Place - Jacob Calbreath, Valle Catholic

8th Place - Owen Bewley, Dexter

9th Place - Caleb Land, Potosi

1st Place Match

Jackson (13-1) over Ekstam (32-3) by decision 5-4

285-Pound Weight Class

1st Place - Herman Jackson, New Madrid County Central

2nd Place - Luis Ortiz, Potosi

3rd Place - Liam Bryant, Jackson

4th Place - Preston Taylor, Poplar Bluff

5th Place - Ryan Schmelzle, Ste. Genevieve

6th Place - Jordan Jarvis, Hillsboro

7th Place - Clayton Barber, Farmington

8th Place - Michael Weinhold, Central (Park Hills)

9th Place - Dante Reigle, Windsor (Imperial)

10th Place - Braydn Crockett, Dexter

11th Place - Mason Cookson, Cape Central

1st Place Match

Jackson (24-1) over Ortiz (27-5) by decision 3-0


106 - Gavin Patterson (7th)

Quarterfinals - Gatlin Taylor (Poplar Bluff) over Gavin Patterson (Kennett) (Fall 0:41)

Cons. Round 1 - Diego McCormick (Dexter) over Gavin Patterson (Kennett) (Fall 1:26)

Round 1 - Gavin Patterson (Kennett) won by forfeit

Round 2 - Gavin Patterson (Kennett) won by forfeit

Round 3 - Gavin Alexander (Hillsboro) over Gavin Patterson (Kennett) (Fall 1:04)

7th Place Match - Gavin Patterson (Kennett) over Charles Owens (Windsor (Imperial)) (Fall 2:39)

113 - Jesus Diaz (10th)

Quarterfinals - Jesus Diaz (Kennett) received a bye

Semifinals - Jesus Diaz (Kennett) over Joe Hirst (Windsor (Imperial)) (Dec 10-8)

Round 1 - Aidan Haggard (Hillsboro) over Jesus Diaz (Kennett) (Fall 3:22)

Round 2 - Gavin Gross (Ste. Genevieve) over Jesus Diaz (Kennett) (Fall 3:46)

Round 3 - Jesus Diaz (Kennett) won by forfeit

9th Place Match - Gavin Hicks (Poplar Bluff) over Jesus Diaz (Kennett) (Fall 1:47)

120 - Ethan Davis (12th)

Quarterfinals - received a bye

Semifinals - Henry Kennedy (Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau)) over Ethan Davis (Kennett) (Dec 5-1)

Cons. Semis - Ethan Davis (Kennett) received a bye

Round 1 - Rhett Wiseman (Jackson) over Ethan Davis (Kennett) (Fall 1:15)

Round 2 - Bryston Pemberton (Dexter) over Ethan Davis (Kennett) (Fall 1:00)

Round 3 - Ethan Davis (Kennett) won by forfeit

11th Place Match - Devin Rowe (Central (Cape Girardeau)) over Ethan Davis (Kennett) (Fall 2:19)

126 - Chase Malone (6th)

Quarterfinals - Chris Singleton (North County) over Chase Malone (Kennett) (Fall 1:53)

Cons. Round 1 - Chase Malone (Kennett) over Connor Meynell (Windsor (Imperial)) (Dec 3-1)

Cons. Semis - Kyle Crawford (Farmington) over Chase Malone (Kennett) (Fall 2:28)

Round 1 - Chase Malone (Kennett) over Owen Dowdy (Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau)) (Dec 5-2)

Round 2 - James Short (Hillsboro) over Chase Malone (Kennett) (TF 17-0 3:37)

Round 3 - Chase Malone (Kennett) won by forfeit

5th Place Match - David Coroma (Potosi) over Chase Malone (Kennett) (Fall 4:45)

138 - Tyler Preston (13th)

Quarterfinals - Ken Parton (Windsor (Imperial)) over Tyler Preston (Kennett) (Fall 1:33)

Cons. Round 1 - Tyler Preston (Kennett) received a bye

Cons. Semis - Aidan Boyer (Potosi) over Tyler Preston (Kennett) (MD 18-4)

Round 1 - Jordan Borseth (North County) over Tyler Preston (Kennett) (Fall 0:50)

Round 2 - Quinten Bell (Poplar Bluff) over Tyler Preston (Kennett) (Fall 2:53)

Round 3 - Jeremiah Johnson (Central (Cape Girardeau)) over Tyler Preston (Kennett) (Fall 0:21)

13th Place Match - Tyler Preston (Kennett) received a bye

160- Otrevian Walls - (14th)

Quarterfinals - Luke Houston (Farmington) over Otrevian Walls (Kennett) (Fall 3:33)

Cons. Round 1 - Otrevian Walls (Kennett) received a bye

Cons. Semis - Dominic Mullin (Sikeston) over Otrevian Walls (Kennett) (Fall 0:54)

Round 1 - Justin Mitchell (Poplar Bluff) over Otrevian Walls (Kennett) (Fall 1:19)

Round 2 - William Mayberry (Central (Park Hills)) over Otrevian Walls (Kennett) (Fall 0:32)

Round 3 - Dominic Mullin (Sikeston) over Otrevian Walls (Kennett) (Fall 0:31)

13th Place Match - Luke Houston (Farmington) over Otrevian Walls (Kennett) (Fall 1:12)

170 - Lorenzo Thomas (9th)

Quarterfinals - Lorenzo Thomas (Kennett) over Elijah Holifield (Ste. Genevieve) (Fall 1:19)

Semifinals - Lorenzo Thomas (Kennett) over Kolten Naeger (Valle Catholic) (Fall 5:40)

Round 1 - Cody Skaggs (Central (Park Hills)) over Lorenzo Thomas (Kennett) (Fall 2:59)

Round 2 - Kael Krause (Farmington) over Lorenzo Thomas (Kennett) (Fall 3:46)

Round 3 - Austin Henry (Windsor (Imperial)) over Lorenzo Thomas (Kennett) (Dec 6-1)

9th Place Match - Lorenzo Thomas (Kennett) over Austin Henry (Windsor (Imperial)) (Fall 1:19)

182 - Hayden Higgins (6th)

Quarterfinals - Judd Cunningham (Farmington) over Hayden Higgins (Kennett) (Fall 1:15)

Cons. Round 1 - Hayden Higgins (Kennett) over Dale Propst (Ste. Genevieve) (Dec 8-4)

Cons. Semis - Zach McNees (Hillsboro) over Hayden Higgins (Kennett) (Fall 1:35)

Round 1 - Hayden Higgins (Kennett) over Mark Fisher (Sikeston) (Fall 3:12)

Round 2 - Hayden Higgins (Kennett) won by forfeit

Round 3 - Cole Parker (Jackson) over Hayden Higgins (Kennett) (Fall 5:22)

5th Place Match - Riley Sater (Poplar Bluff) over Hayden Higgins (Kennett) (Fall 1:44)

195 - Preston Ragland (12th)

Quarterfinals - Preston Ragland (Kennett) over Adrian Lipp (Valle Catholic) (Fall 2:33)

Semifinals - Ethan Jackson (Notre Dame (Cape Girardeau)) over Preston Ragland (Kennett) (Dec 4-3)

Cons. Semis - Preston Ragland (Kennett) received a bye

Round 1 - Cole Amelunke (Jackson) over Preston Ragland (Kennett) (Fall 1:10)

Round 2 - William Vaughn (Ste. Genevieve) over Preston Ragland (Kennett) (Fall 0:55)

Round 3 - Brian Tims (Sikeston) over Preston Ragland (Kennett) (Fall 1:04)

11th Place Match - Jamian Golden (Central (New Madrid County)) over Preston Ragland (Kennett) (Fall 4:16)

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