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Cape Parks & Rec men's basketball division three schedule

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WeekDateTimeLocationHome teamvs.Visiting team
1Wed 1/27:30 PMArenaInnovative Supply MagicvsBrown's Bombers
1Wed 1/28:30 PMArenaBig OrkasvsSO ILL Boys
1Wed 1/29:30 PMArenaMid-Life CrisisvsFull Grown Midgets
2Sun 1/65:30 PMArenaFull Grown MidgetsvsThe Heart Attacks
2Sun 1/66:30 PMArenaMid-Life CrisisvsTriple X Outdoors
2Sun 1/67:30 PMArenaTeam ERACvsInnovative Supply Magic
2Sun 1/68:30 PMArenaAmericavsWells Fargo
2Tues 1/86:00 PMSPCTriple X OutdoorsvsXpendables
2Tues 1/87:00 PMSPCThe Heart AttacksvsInnovative Supply Magic
2Tues 1/88:00 PMSPCMid-Life CrisisvsAmerica
2Tues 1/89:00 PMSPCTeam ERACvsFro Shapers
2Wed 1/98:30 PMArenaSO ILL BoysvsBrown's Bombers
2Wed 1/99:30 PMArenaFull Grown MidgetsVs.Big Orkas
3Sun 1/131:00 PMArenaTeam ERACvsXpendables
3Sun 1/132:00 PMArenaWells FargovsTriple X Outdoors
3Sun 1/133:00 PMArenaFro ShapersvsBig Orkas
3Tues 1/156:30 PMArenaBrown's BombersvsTriple X Outdoors
3Tues 1/157:30 PMArenaInnovative SupplyvsWells Fargo
3Tues 1/158:30 PMArenaXpendablesvsThe Heart Attacks
3Tues 1/159:30 PMArenaMid-Life CrisisvsBig Orkas
3Wed 1/168:30 PMArenaFull Grown MidgetsvsTeam ERAC
3Wed 1/169:30 PMArenaFroshapersvsSO ILL Boys
3Sat 1/1911:00 AMArenaSO ILL BoysVs.The Heart Attacks
3Sat 1/1912:00 PMArenaAmericaVs.Triple X Outdoors
4Tues 1/226:00 PMSPCBig OrkasvsThe Heart Attacks
4Tues 1/227:00 PMSPCXpendablesvsBrown's Bombers
4Tues 1/228:00 PMSPCTriple X OutdoorsvsTeam ERAC
4Tues 1/229:00 PMSPCWells FargovsFro Shapers
4Wed 1/238:30 PMArenaMid-Life CrisisvsSO ILL Boys
4Wed 1/239:30 PMArenaFull Grown MidgetsvsAmerica
5Sun 1/276:30 PMArenaXpendablesvsWells Fargo
5Tues 1/296:30 PMArenaMid-Life CrisisvsWells Fargo
5Tues 1/297:30 PMArenaBrown's BombersvsBig Orkas
5Tues 1/298:30 PMArenaFro ShapersvsThe Heart Attacks
5Tues 1/299:30 PMArenaAmericavsTeam ERAC
5Wed 1/309:30 PMArenaInnovative Supply MagicvsFull Grown Midgets
6Sun 2/31:00 PMSPCInnovative Supply MagicvsXpendables
6Sun 2/33:00 PMSPCTriple X OutdoorsvsSO ILL Boys
6Sun 2/36:30 PMOsageBrown's BombersvsAmerica
6Sun 2/37:30 PMOsageTeam ERACvsThe Heart Attacks
6Sun 2/38:30 PMOsageFull Grown MidgetsvsFro Shapers
6Tues 2/56:00 PMSPCWells FargovsBig Orkas
6Tues 2/57:00 PMSPCThe Heart AttacksvsTriple X Outdoors
6Tues 2/58:00 PMSPCFro ShapersvsBrown's Bombers
6Tues 2/59:00 PMSPCMid-Life CrisisvsTeam ERAC
6Wed 2/68:30 PMArenaXpendablesvsAmerica
6Wed 2/69:30 PMArenaSO ILL BoysvsFull Grown Midgets
7Sun 2/104:00 PMArenaTeam ERACvsBrown's Bombers
7Tues 2/126:30 PMArenaInnovative Supply MagicvsTriple X Outdoors
7Tues 2/127:30 PMArenaXpendablesvsBig Orkas
7Tues 2/128:30 PMArenaThe Heart AttacksvsMid-Life Crisis
7Tues 2/129:30 PMArenaAmericavsFro Shapers
7Wed 2/138:30 PMArenaSO ILL BoysvsWells Fargo
7Wed 2/139:30 PMArenaBrown's BombersvsFull Grown Midgets
8Sun 2/171:00 PMOsageInnovative Supply MagicvsAmerica
8Sun 2/172:00 PMOsageBig OrkasvsTriple X Outdoors
8Tues 2/196:00 PMSPCBrown's BombersvsThe Heart Attacks
8Tues 2/197:00 PMSPCMid-Life CrisisvsXpendables
8Tues 2/198:00 PMSPCTeam ERACvsBig Orkas
8Tues 2/199:00 PMSPCFro ShapersvsInnovative Supply Magic
8Wed 2/208:30 PMArenaAmericavsSO ILL Boys
8Wed 2/209:30 PMArenaFull Grown MidgetsvsWells Fargo
8Sat 2/239:00 AMArenaSO ILL BoysvsTeam ERAC
9Sun 2/245:30 PMArenaInnovative Supply MagicvsMid-Life Crisis
9Sun 2/246:30 PMArenaFro ShapersvsXpendables
9Tues 2/266:30 PMArenaBig OrkasvsInnovative Supply Magic
9Tues 2/267:30 PMArenaWells FargovsBrown's Bombers
9Tues 2/268:30 PMArenaAmericavsThe Heart Attacks
9Tues 2/269:30 PMArenaMid-Life CrisisvsFro Shapers
9Wed 2/276:30 PMArenaSO ILL BoysvsXpendables
9Wed 2/277:30 PMArenaFull Grown MidgetsvsTriple X Outdoors
10Tues 3/56:00 PMSPCAmericavsBig Orkas
10Tues 3/57:00 PMSPCWells FargovsTeam ERAC
10Tues 3/58:00 PMSPCFro ShapersvsTriple X Outdoors
10Tues 3/59:00 PMSPCBrown's BombersvsMid-Life Crisis
10Wed 3/68:00 PMOsageSO ILL BoysvsInnovative Supply Magic
10Wed 3/69:00 PMOsageXpendablesvsFull Grown Midgets
11Sun 3/101:00 PMOsageThe Heart AttacksvsWells Fargo

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