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October 22, 2012 Scoreboard

Monday, October 22, 2012


Class 1 District 2 Tournament (at Bell City)

(5) Bell City 25-25, (4) Richland 22-23

(2) Bloomfield 25-25, (7) Risco 10-13

(3) Clarkton 25-23-25, (6) Campbell 20-25-18

(1) Bernie 25-25, (5) Bell City 9-11

(2) Bloomfield 25-25, (3) Clarkton 18-23

Class 1 District 3 Tournament (at Lesterville)

(5) Zalma 23-25-25, (4) Marquand-Zion 25-22-10

(3) Greenville 25-25, (6) Southern Reynolds County 5-10

Class 1 District 4 Tournament (at Advance)

(5) Meadow Heights 14-25-25, (4) Oak Ridge 25-20-20

(3) St. Vincent 25-25, (6) Oran 3-17

(1) Advance 25-25, (5) Meadow Heights 13-14

(3) St. Vincent 25-25, (2) Leopold 19-23

Class 1 District 5 Tournament (at Bismarck)

(4) Chamois 22-27-25, (5) Kingston 25-25-17

(3) New Haven 25-25, (6) Crystal City 21-14

(2) Bismarck 25-25, (7) Valley (Caledonia) 14-10

Class 1 District 6 Tournament (at Eminence)

(4) Viburnum 25-25, (5) Thayer 23-16

(3) Summersville 25-25, (6) Bunker 10-8

Class 2 District 1 Tournament (at Malden)

(4) Portageville 19-25-25, (5) Senath-Hornersville 25-15-7

(3) Hayti 25-25, (6) Caruthersville 10-14

Class 2 District 2 Tournament (at Scott City)

(4) Puxico 25-22-25, (5) Scott City 23-25-18

(3) Woodland 25-21-25, (6) Charleston 9-25-12

Class 2 District 3 Tournament (at St. Pius X-Festus)

(4) Arcadia Valley 25-25, (5) West St. Francois County 16-13

(3) Grandview (Hillsboro) 30-25, (6) Herculaneum 28-23

Class 3 District 1 Tournament (at Dexter)

(2) Perryville 25-25, (7) Fredericktown 16-15

(4) Kennett 25-25, (5) Doniphan 20-11

(3) Dexter 25-25, (6) New Madrid County Central 15-6

Class 3 District 2 Tournament (at Park Hills Central)

(5) Windsor (Imperial) 24-27-25, (4) Ste. Genevieve 26-25-18

(2) Potosi 25-25, (7) Festus 11-16

(6) DeSoto 25-25, (3) Park Hills Central 17-22

Class 4 District 1 Tournament (at Poplar Bluff)

(5) Sikeston 25-25-25, (4) Cape Central 22-27-16

(3) Jackson 25-25, (6) Hillsboro 22-17

(1) Farmington 25-25, (5) Sikeston 13-18

(2) Poplar Bluff 25-21-25, (3) Jackson 14-25-14

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Well 10 straight years of winning districts has come to an end sadly for Leopold Lady Wildcats.It came to the hands of a team who last year was in a class higher than ours but mysteriously they came up one kid short so they had to drop to our district.Give them a hand for being a well coached team & for beating Leopold,oh & Advance don't b counting ur win just yet cause St. V will beat u,it was gonna b Leopold or St.V who wins this district so b ready advance they r comin for ya.Oh & by the way Leopold will b a lot better next year as they only lose 2 seniors & everyone else loses their best (advance).May the best team win.

-- Posted by vballfever on Mon, Oct 22, 2012, at 10:26 PM

Thought you were the greatest this year, all we heard about.

Now its wait till next year, sore loser sounds like to me!

-- Posted by hawk85 on Mon, Oct 22, 2012, at 10:49 PM

Oh yea! Districts change get use to it.

-- Posted by hawk85 on Mon, Oct 22, 2012, at 10:56 PM

Look hawk85 I'm not Leopold fan or alumni nor I'm I a St. V fan or slum or I'm I a advance slum or am I who knows,that fact is I've played & watched vball for over 30 years probably longer than u have lived or atleast watched the sport so I definetly know how the game ebb and flows each year,do I need to elaborate on ebb & flow or do u understand! All I'm saying is Leopold put together 10 straight years of dominant district run like no school n this area has done n awhile or forever that I know of & from your tone its something advance has nor will ever do.Just look at the schools who Ihave the most district,sectional,& state wins in their history its on here so look the facts don't lie.As far as next year what do u have returning,not much,secondly this is St.V's first year n r district & they r a heck of a team you shall see,and third Leopold will have all but one starter coming back and from what I see n all the other teams in this district r losing lots & gaining none unless St,V stays n r district,but who knows.So just to let u Hawk whatever I'm well aware of how things work its called sports & competition,but my real problem is fans from advance which I'm thinking u r.Everything is about u,I didnt say anything other than St.V is tougher than u think so don't count ur eggs before they hatch,just because Leopold didn't make it that doesn't mean u automatically win.As usual though u advance fans & players as well have know sportsmanship or just plain ole common sense.So after u read this continue ur running of the mouth instead of watching how true competitors do it ie. tonight after St.V beat Leopold they stayed until Leopold came out of locker room & congradulated them as does Leopold when they win,as for advance yet to see it.That's the end of this old man rant but have waited years to say this & will respond no more to petty & ungrateful teams.

-- Posted by vballfever on Tue, Oct 23, 2012, at 3:42 AM

Leopold,22 district,3 state,13rd,3 4th,Advance 12 district,0 state,Alma3 district,1 state,1 2nd,Woodland 7 district,1 state,St.Vincent 3 district,1 state & that's in a higher class with St.Pius,so Hawk ur right districts change just not n ur favor to often,heck Woodland & Zalma got state titles & that's what its all about right not little ole districts.

-- Posted by vballfever on Tue, Oct 23, 2012, at 4:02 AM

Sorry Meadow Heights 3,districts and that should say Zalma and the one before that should say alum not slum don't want u to take me out of context. Thats all folks. My page is closed,but I will b watching & a listening.

-- Posted by vballfever on Tue, Oct 23, 2012, at 4:13 AM

I have to say St Vincent has a well respected group of young ladies. For them to stay after with warm wishes says a lot for their coaching staff and parents. Good game St. Vincent's and what a great example you set for others in the gym last night.H

-- Posted by vballmom5 on Tue, Oct 23, 2012, at 6:32 PM

Had it been Leopold you'd witness the same kind of respect. Some teams/girls/coaches and parents have more respect for their competition than others and praises to both St V and Leopold for outstanding sportsmanship and programs

-- Posted by vballmom5 on Tue, Oct 23, 2012, at 6:37 PM

I wanna say good luck to St.Vincent & Advance tonight,if Advance wins tonight I hope u show some sportsmanship towards ur opponent & everyone n ur district.

Well I just got news that Advance won tonight,congrats I hope u show St.V some sportsmanship.Congrats Advance enjoy ur moment & take it as far as u can cause it may b the last time u have this feeling for awhile.Just one last dig,but seriously congrats & let's c how well & far u go.C ya next year!

-- Posted by vballfever on Tue, Oct 23, 2012, at 7:58 PM

Vballfever, why can't you be respectful? These girls played their butts off tonight and they can't even enjoy the win because you are being rude and disrespectful. Those girls are some of the sweetest people you have met in your life. This has been their goal since they were in the fourth grade. LET THEM BE HAPPY. I haven't ever seen a Leopold girl go up to an Advance girl and congratulate her. I've seen them all sit there and make fun of a few Advance girls though. Plenty of times actually. So before you start mouthing those girls. Think of how they feel and how rude you look. I wish Advance the best of luck on Saturday and hopefully after that. I wish you, vballfever, the best of luck on leaving young, teenage, volleyball players alone. I'll make sure and pray for you :)

-- Posted by Vballsis12 on Tue, Oct 23, 2012, at 10:17 PM

Congratulations Advance. You 've had a great team all year long. Please make our district proud by advancing through our sectional. Make our district proud and represent us well in the final four. Good luck to you girls.

-- Posted by vballmom5 on Wed, Oct 24, 2012, at 7:16 AM

Vballsis12 u don't think every girl in this district or for that fact who plays competitive volleyball their goal isn't the same.As for ur comment on Leopold girls not congratulating advance girls is the same reason u point out,I've heard stories of some pretty harsh & plain ugly comments not just at Leopold but other teams.I congratulated ur school & I hope they go far & represent r district with class,but to point out how u conduct yourselves,just read the article on the win,not one mention of how they respect the play of St.V. who should of won,but at the end ur own player instead of saying would love to play Bernie because they r such a good team,says"Oh yeah,we want to play Bernie & we r gonna take them this time"respectful very sportsmanlike,but u first have to get past Lesterville.As for me pray all u like,but u better pray for ur team to win it all this year cause after this year who u got.:) Good luck & please represent r district with class.

-- Posted by vballfever on Wed, Oct 24, 2012, at 6:47 PM

You disgust me. How hateful can you get? That girl that wrote that at the end of that article didn't mean anything by that, and every Bernie player knows that. Do you realize that those Seniors have had a rivalry with Bernie since Elementary? Now they're Seniors going for the same thing! Advance lost to Bernie in a the conference tournament, they want to have another chance. So what? Who cares? Your "congratulations" was full of sarcasm. So no, you can't say that you congragulated those girls. I beg you to keep this up because this is just making those girls so much more ready for Saturday. I'd appreciate it if you would stop harassing these girls. If you have a problem with these girls you should go to their principal or superintendent and let them handle it. This is none of your business. So leave these girls alone and let them celebrate. Please.

-- Posted by Vballsis12 on Wed, Oct 24, 2012, at 8:52 PM

I try to stay out of controversial posts on here like the ones above, but it sounds like vballfever is evidently a disgruntled fan from Leopold, which is not surprising given the bitter rivalry between Leopold and Advance this season and last. Yes, it was tragic for Leopold to lose their 10-year dominance at Districts, and I can only imagine what those girls must have felt like at that moment when they knew that the streak had been broken, but it had to have happened sooner or later. For you to say that Advance won't have any good players next year isn't true. Granted they are losing a talented senior class this year, Advance has been building a great volleyball program over the past few years and I think for you to claim that they aren't going to be good in the future is a faulty proposition and a misstatement of facts. I believe Advance's JV defeated Leopold this season, and I've watched Advance's elementary play during junior high season and I believe their sixth grade team last year was undefeated. I watched their sixth grade team play and they were about just as good as most junior varsity teams I've seen around here. Those little sixth grade girls were serving overhand, bumping, setting and spiking. No, I'm not from Advance, but I know the girls on both Advance and Leopold and I think it's really unfortunate for adults to get on here and diminish the demeanor of high school athletes. Leopold is ALWAYS good in volleyball - they always have been; it's what the town is known for. So what if they didn't win Districts? They still had another winning year, and if I remember correctly, their record was better this season than last and last season they won Districts? You should be proud of them for that, because that clearly shows that they improved, and I for one applaud the Lady Hornets and congratulate those Advance girls on a well deserved victory. I know those senior girls very well and their families and I can tell you that they have wanted this since they were in elementary school. Let them have their moment and don't try to take it away from them. I will agree with you though that they shouldn't underestimate Lesterville since they have to defeat them first before they can play Bernie. Lesterville is a good team as well and could give Advance a run for their money. Should be an exciting sectional this Saturday in Reynolds County - best of luck to all teams!

-- Posted by The Legend on Thu, Oct 25, 2012, at 12:17 AM

Look to all u who think I'm taking out Leopolds loss on Advance or I'm being mean to those girls & how they play then ur not reading or understanding my point.Advance has great players and it had nothing to do with their play,its their attitude towards teams they beat or lose to.I've heard it personaly & from other schools In the district,I won't go into the words or phrases I've heard said to opponents or what other teams have said.I'm not a disgruntled Leopold fan,I'm just a fan who thinks that coaches,parents,& schools should teach sportsmanship.So when I pick,rag or month ur team it has nothing to do with these girls talent just there attitude.Also when I say good luck I mean it,I want r district represented well & I hope advance lives up to that.As far as years to come I want to see the best vball come from r district not the big schools the news only covers,and as far as me saying advance won't have a team,I just mean for a couple years.I'm sure this will make some happy,and I've should've known to stoop to the level of others cause that's not the way I am just had to let people know what can b behind closed doors,but this is my last negative post towards the hornets.So with my sincerest heart good luck to u againstLesterville & then my wishes from there.Just one more dig before I go,the truth must cut deep cause I've never seen so much feedback.:)Good Day

-- Posted by vballfever on Fri, Oct 26, 2012, at 7:47 AM

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