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Posted by Redsandguy on Tue, Dec 1, 2015, at 9:25 PM:

I want to start a thread and give an outsiders opinion of the basketball the Sikeston basketball team. I got to see this team for the first time tonight play a team out of Arkansas.

First thought, Sikeston's defense in transition is subpar and borderline horrible. That's an honest opinion. Blytheville looks like a much improved team from last year but I bet 60+ points were scored in transition

Second thought, Sikeston's half court defense is stellar. The swarm the ball. If anyone wants to try and score on them in the half court set, they might have a difficult time doing so.

Third thought, their underclassmen. Everyone knows about Fred Thatch, but Kevin Jones will be turning heads for this team. I looked in the program because I thought maybe he was a transfer student but he's a freshman. Everyone is talking about Leech from PB, people need to start paying attention the Jones.

Fourth thought, for every team that has a chance to beat Sikeston, when you get the team down...like they were tonight by 10 points at one point in the 4th quarter, you better step on their throats. Turning to the crowd and putting your finger to your mouth to quite the crowd wasn't smart. Sikeston did not fold like they were accoustomed to last season...the few games I saw them play.

Their court and the remodeling that Sikeston did looked fantastic. I have to say that they might be back on top as the best basketball venue in the area. That's no offense to Dexter or Jackson with new gyms. Cape has a new gym but that's a horrible venue to host a big crowd.

Last but not least, they had a guy play JV last year and now starts for the varsity team. I think he use to play for Kennett. He can flat out shoot. Once Sikeston learns how to play transition defense and get back, they will be really really good. Not 30-0 good because I HIGHLY doubt anyone in this area sees that again, but go deep into districts good. That's my thought for what it's worth.

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    Looks like a pretty good overview. My comment for the transition D is simply that come January 15th or so, they'll be on a whole new level on the defensive end. Defense is usually what comes last as far as progression. I agree once that is figured out, we'll be tough to beat. Also, it looks like we can score better than we did last year.

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Tue, Dec 1, 2015, at 9:43 PM
  • Bulldog21,

    I've watched Sikeston over the past 20-25 years. This team has to go down, if they can shoot like this for the remainder of the season, one of the best shooting teams to come out of Sikeston.

    What this team lacks is the on court captain. The leader. Once a guy steps up and takes charge, that's when they are at another level. I had the luxury of seeing a lot more of the Sikeston games in 2011 season. That team was an ok shooting team but the Porter kid made that team better. He was the greatest Porter to come out of Sikeston. Yes better than his older brother Micahel. Why? Bc he was a leader. Michael was a great player. When the younger Porter talked on the court in 2011 the team listened.

    Back to this year, someone has to step up. When Blytheville took control of the game spanning between 2 mins left in 1st quarter till about 5 mins to go in the game, Sikeston looked lost, confused, and did not know who to turn to. Jones, Dyes, and that kid that came in from Kennett took over. Not Thatch who they relied on way too much last year. This team by far can be tons better than last year because they have the talent. From what I saw after one game. And yes it's only been one game so I apologize if I am wrong on my assumptions on this team.

    -- Posted by Redsandguy on Tue, Dec 1, 2015, at 10:04 PM
  • It was the first game of the season, and they beat a well-coached, athletic Blytheville team. No doubt, they need to improve the transition defense, but I was definitely encouraged by the offensive production.

    I would also like to see them sustain a high intensity level for longer stretches. I thought they looked a little tired at times tonight, but the conditioning will come as the season progresses. They also played a little tentative during the middle game, but I think Blutheville had a lot to do with that. Blytheville will beat a lot of teams this year.

    Dyes stepped up tonight to lead as the game was wrapping up. He showed the most leadership, and hit some clutch free throws done the stretch to ice the game.

    Hopefully they learned a lot from this game, like how to finish, and how to gut out a win. Hopefully they can keep those wins coming.

    -- Posted by rocketsbro on Tue, Dec 1, 2015, at 10:18 PM
  • And yes, Jones is a player. The game seemed to slow down for him a bit as it progressed. He's gonna be something special to watch.

    Thatch was Thatch. He's a player. Not much else to say.

    The kid from Kennett is Marquand Nelson. He can shoot the lights out. Between him and Dyes, the are gonna be tough to guard, and that will open up the middle for Jones to distribute to Thatch and Kimble.

    -- Posted by rocketsbro on Tue, Dec 1, 2015, at 10:33 PM
  • Kudos to Blytheville tonite. Ive seen this game the last six years and this is by far the most talented Blytheville team ive seen. Yes the Dawgz had some hiccups but give the other team some credit, they were very athletic and very quick. Tough, tough win for us vs a highly competitive opponent.

    -- Posted by cirithungol17 on Wed, Dec 2, 2015, at 12:44 AM
  • Marquan Nelson was actually with Sikeston last year but he spent most the time on JV. Big Props to Blytheville,they came out and gave us a run for our money. Was genuinely shocked how good they were compared to years past.

    -- Posted by #4treysdad on Wed, Dec 2, 2015, at 2:37 AM
  • Since ya seem to have varsity covered I'm going to say a little thing about JV. I noticed when Phazon got on the floor things got calmer and not so much I got the ball I'm shooting no matter what kind of game. I was impressed with him and think he is one of the players that is a leader. Also when Jason got on the floor it was calmer. They just seem to know what they are doing more. They play team.

    -- Posted by TFA on Wed, Dec 2, 2015, at 4:16 AM
  • Redsandguy...I think 60+ points in transition is a little bit of exaggeration, but I get your point. I think your analysis is not bad at all.

    I think the Dogs got a little tired themselves, regarding the transition buckets, and the fact that Blytheville had someone leaking out...caught them and the whole gym by surprise. Coach Holifield got it stopped fairly quickly and we were able to guard in the half court.

    I don't necessarily agree with your assessment about a leader. I thought Dominique Dyes and Fred Thatch filled that role. Dominique finished the night with 26 and Fred had 24. I thought they both stepped up down the stretch. Dominique impressed me with his tireless ball pressure as much as his shooting (which is a given) and Fred was a force in both ends too (also a given). They both hit key free throws down the stretch to seal the deal.

    I'm not sure we will ever see a leader like CP again, but I think Fred And Domo can take that on as a challenge. I look for them both to become more vocal as the season wears on. However, their effort says as much or more than their words...

    Regarding shooting...this team can flat shoot it. That, I totally agree with you. They scored 82 last night and I wouldn't be surprised for them to average close to that number or more as the season moves along. We had 4 in double digits last night and Juwon averaged 21 or so last year on JV, so he can fill it up too. The fact that we had 4 in double digits tells me any of them, on a given night, can score 20+.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Wed, Dec 2, 2015, at 10:19 AM
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    Pretty good assessment so far. I agree with the 2011 statement that Corey was a leader because once he spoke everyone listened, which is something Sikeston hasn't had since. However, about the shooting I would have to say that that team was better than just an "ok" shooting team...

    Anyways, the thing with this team is still the fact that they're fairly inexperience on the varsity level still...except for Fred, Dominique, and Juwon a little bit. This could cause some growing pains, but also the talent could overcome that hump. Guess we'll find out. Hopefully we get to play the #3 team in the state next Tuesday.

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Wed, Dec 2, 2015, at 9:52 PM
  • Yes, they did hit some key free throws down the stretch, but missing so many the first 3qtrs. is gonna bite us in the butt on of these games. If we would've just hit 75% of the free throws in the first half we wouldn't have had to come from behind to win.

    -- Posted by #4treysdad on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 3:13 AM
  • They went 21 for 32 (66%) from the line. Shooting 75% would have been 24 for 32 and would have only added three points. Even if those two of those points would have been in the first half, then they still would have been down 1 at the half.

    -- Posted by rocketsbro on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 7:24 AM
  • Yes the #3 team is a joke. Let me rephrase that, if they are the #3 team, then there's no way Sikeston should be the top team in the Semo Conference tourney. No way. Sikeston didn't even crack the top 10 in the state and you put ND as the #8 seed. They are there for a reason. The people that vote have no idea how the teams are down here.

    -- Posted by Redsandguy on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 10:27 AM
  • Rocketsbro,

    I think he meant 75% the first half. The 66% is a little bit skewed because they did hit their free throws down the stretch raising that god awful free throw performance in the first half up. Not saying they were, but if they were 0-11 in the first half then 21-21 in the second half...again which they weren't, that would've been 8 points difference if they would've hit 74% in the first half. Make sense? Haha. I get your point though RBro.

    As far as the leader, to me leader is more than points. I know that sounds crazy but it's true. Porter didn't score a lot of points but he had their respect. I think Thatch MIGHT get the respect now rather than last year and maybe more so next year than this year just because he's only a sophomore and usually upperclassman don't like to give respect to lowly underclassmen....which in this case is stupid. But do you see my point? As far as Domo, as you guys I guess call him, I just don't see the leadership....yet and yet is the key word. The couple games I saw last year he was more worried about himself than his fellow players. The other night was far from that though! Maybe he will step up and be the senior leader that that team needs. Time will tell though.

    -- Posted by Redsandguy on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 10:37 AM
  • Redsandguy....I totally agree with the points area. The high scorer isn't always the leader. However, in this case, the team follows Fred's attitude, effort, body language, etc because he's the best player on the team. Regarding Domo...he has matured a lot between last year and this year. I think he relishes the senior leader role and will fulfill it more and more as the season goes on. Fred will step up more as the leader as well....

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 10:57 AM
  • I see what you are saying, but free throws weren't the problem this game. Besides, Sikeston won. And since I have never seen or even heard of a team shooting 100% from the field, 3 point line, and the free throw line with 0 team fouls and 0 turnovers while out rebounding the other team on both the offensive and defensive end, then I guess there are always things that can be better. :-)

    My bottom line regarding free throws: if Sikeston averages 66% from the free throw line on the year, I'll take it. Yes, I'd love for it to be 90% (or 100% for that matter), but 66% is pretty dang good for a high school team. The Pistons are averaging 64% right now.

    As to leadership, it will develop with time. There's no doubt in my mind that they will continue to learn to distribute the ball and continue to play unselfishly. And they're gonna win a lot games.

    -- Posted by rocketsbro on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 10:58 AM
  • If you were at the game and paying attention, you would have seen Domonique after each timeout gathering the team together and talking to them. I have been to several practices and he does the same thing.

    -- Posted by SHS59 on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 11:05 AM
  • Domonique is definitely a team leader. I noticed it as well SHS59. That will continue to develop and these guys are going to be tough!

    -- Posted by rocketsbro on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 11:28 AM
  • As far as leadership goes I believe there is one guy besides Domo and Fred that people have looked over. I know they have only played one game so that is probably why. But for future reference check out Earnest Fobbs. He came off the bench in the first half and started the second. But as soon as he gets on the court defensively there is a spark.(Same thing for his younger brother Phaysun when he plays) He is very vocal on the court calling out assignment for the whole team. He was one of the best football players and leaders for the Bulldogs this year and brings the same leadership attitude to the court.

    -- Posted by cms14 on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 11:55 AM
  • just whot u talkin bout redsunguy? whys u woory bout a leader Bucko? u now anthing bout basknetball bub? rocketsblow just whot is Domninkjnque bub? splain it who is gonn be tough Bucko.

    -- Posted by bearcat1forall on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 12:15 PM
  • I agree about Earnest and Phayzun. They are both capable leaders. I love what they provide off the bench. This team has all of the weapons. It should be a great year!

    -- Posted by rocketsbro on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 12:25 PM
  • No doubt....Earnest is the "tough guy" on the team. He, along with Phayzun and Deterio, provide a defensive spark when they enter the game.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Thu, Dec 3, 2015, at 3:51 PM

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