High School Basketball Forum: Cool article on MaxPreps.... Sikeston gets some love and represents southeast Missouri hoops

Posted by Rocket689 on Thu, Apr 9, 2020, at 8:54 PM:

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  • If you scroll the the bottom of the article, in their "Next Five", Charleston was on that list with 104 points.

    -- Posted by Shooter McGavin on Fri, Apr 10, 2020, at 9:52 AM
  • No SCC and they won at least 2,3 state tiles in that span! That tell you all you need to onow

    -- Posted by That Dude on Sat, Apr 11, 2020, at 11:28 PM
  • Dude, you see what happens when you are up too late? Grammar and spelling go out the window. 😁

    -- Posted by Slim shady on Sun, Apr 12, 2020, at 7:50 AM
  • “According to MaxPreps ... “ if you use their service they know how many ppg you score, how many rebounds your team averages per game, your number of steals, etc. If you don’t use their service they have no idea of the team or individual numbers.

    With that said, they should be able to have access to state champs.

    -- Posted by ToeTheLine on Sun, Apr 12, 2020, at 11:42 AM
  • Not sure what makes this article “cool”. It’s barely an article.

    -- Posted by Champ1974 on Mon, Apr 13, 2020, at 9:19 AM
  • Because it said Sikeston I bet

    -- Posted by hb1025 on Mon, Apr 13, 2020, at 12:07 PM
  • Sikeston failed to make it out of districts 4times in that decade but made the list! No Borgia either!

    -- Posted by That Dude on Wed, Apr 15, 2020, at 3:27 PM
  • You haters crack me up...

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Wed, Apr 15, 2020, at 8:11 PM
  • Haters? No, just calling it like I see it! Failed to qualify for post season 4times out of 10years but you’re on the list! SCC or Charleston should definitely be ahead of Sikeston but hey, who’s asking!

    -- Posted by That Dude on Thu, May 21, 2020, at 8:37 PM

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