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Posted by Chris Trimmer on Tue, Feb 11, 2020, at 3:18 PM:

Noel Trimmer

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The vote is open, let's get on there and vote!! Let's send Zach LeGrand to Atlanta to compete in the national 3pt shooting contest!!

Hello all,

This is an introductory email to welcome everyone who is participating in this year’s American Family Insurance #DreamFearlessly Fan Vote. Please let this email serve as a guide and update on this year’s fan vote, which is set to begin next week. If you are a coach of a player competing in this year’s fan vote, please share this email with your player and anyone else you feel this would be beneficial to.

I am still in the process of securing items from all 48 participants (16 in Slam Dunk Vote, 16 in Girl’s 3-Point Vote, 16 in Boy’s 3-Point Vote), so while there are still some variables to be worked out, I did want to make sure I provided an initial update so everyone can be made aware of the voting process and what it consists of.

The website where you will be able to go and vote for your player, Amfam.com/fanvote, will go live at 1 p.m. ET (12 p.m. CT) on Tuesday, Feb. 11. Once the site goes live at that time, we encourage yourself, family, friends, teammates, classmates, etc. to visit the website and vote. Our legal team, along with American Family Insurance’s legal team, are currently finalizing the official rules, which I will distribute to everyone once finalized.

Two very important pieces of information to take from the rules:

You will be limited to one (1) vote per device per calendar day for each head-to-head bracket matchup. In other words, if you have a smartphone, you can vote once per day on it. If you have an Ipad, you can vote once per day on it. Once the clock hits midnight, you are free to vote again for that next day. The reason we have this security measure set up is so that everyone is on an equal playing field and can not vote non-stop throughout the day. This is based on an IP address limit. It is the same security system in place that the New York Times uses, which ensures that everyone has the same ability to vote the same amount of times per IP address as everyone else. This also stops anyone from being able to “hack” the system or use bots to vote. In the past, I have received phone calls from parents or coaches who have accused their players opponent of cheating and getting bots to vote for them. Please understand, that is and will never be the case. This security system will not allow that. So although there may be times in this vote where you see major voting swings, or you feel like you have a lot of people voting and you aren’t seeing your players’ percentage move up, please refrain from calling and complaining that there is cheating going on. I will make myself 100 percent available via email if you’d ever like to contact me, but I ask, please do not call and accuse someone of cheating or that your players’ votes aren’t counting. I promise you, they are, that is why we have this security system in place.

You can NOT offer any type of payment, giveaways or any other type of incentives for votes. Doing so can lead to disqualification. If you have any questions about whether or not something is allowed, PLEASE ASK! To provide an example – several years back we had a father at a school invite every member of the school to his restaurant and gave everyone a free meal in return for voting for his son. This is NOT ALLOWED. There are certain things we can’t control, but in that case, that player was disqualified. Again, if you’re not sure… ask.

Also, very important –You are free to share information via social media about your player being selected to participate in the fan vote, but the updated site will not be live for people to visit until 1 pm ET on Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, I will be sending an official Social Media Graphic to all of you, which we encourage you to share on social media and use as a marketing tool. Other ideas to gain votes include sharing this news with your school office and having them ask students to vote on the morning/afternoon announcements, making flyers and passing them around, reaching out to local news stations/newspapers and seeing if they’d like to do a story on you, texting/calling/emailing family and friends and encouraging them to vote.

Here are the social channels we will be promoting the fan vote from. We ask that if you don’t already, please follow along and support:

Twitter: @HighSchoolSlam

Facebook: @HighSchoolSlam

Instagram: @HighSchoolSlam

Here is a reminder of the voting dates and rounds for reference:

ROUND ONE: Feb 11- Feb 18

ROUND TWO: Feb 19- Feb 26

ROUND THREE: Feb 27- March 5

ROUND FOUR: March 6 – March 13

Our two winners will be announced on March 13th.

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