High School Basketball Forum: Sikeston vs Chaminade

Posted by Mr.Nice_Guy24 on Sun, Jan 1, 2017, at 7:54 PM:

I know we still have about 9 days until this game actually takes place but I really wanna know what you guys thoughts on how you see it playing out.....

In my opinion I think it's going to be one of the best games in the state this year. I haven't seen chaminade play but for them to be ranked first In class 5 and have the record they have they have to have something still after losing Tatum..

Sikeston on the other hand I've seen them last year And I've seen them play bout 5 times this year they are a talented team that can go about 8 to 9 deep should be interesting..

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  • Just looked at their roster and that's a lot of height going on. They will have to work their butts off just to get rebounds. Other than that I don't know crap.

    -- Posted by TFA on Sun, Jan 1, 2017, at 9:08 PM
  • I don't have any preconceived notions about this game...it will be TOUGH. I can't speak for the Dogs coaching staff, but I'm confident they feel the same way. Hopefully...hopefully....the Dogs pressure will surprise Chaminade and give them fits. As with any game, the Dogs MUST rebound to have a chance to win.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Sun, Jan 1, 2017, at 9:30 PM
  • Let's go Sikeston from SEMO!!!

    -- Posted by IndianPride on Sun, Jan 1, 2017, at 9:46 PM
  • Where is the game at?

    -- Posted by Bogey Man on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 6:49 AM
  • Chaminade so I will be listening

    -- Posted by TFA on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 7:25 AM
  • This game will be a huge challenge similar to Vashon in last years final 4. We will be a 5-10pt underdog at least, but I am grateful that this game was scheduled this early in season. Tolton woodve been another huge challenge if not for the Porters transferring. But for now now we gotta worry about a very good Jayz team at The Nest. They played very well in our first meeting and theyll be sky high in front of SRO this Fri in Ctown.

    -- Posted by cirithungol17 on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 10:17 AM
  • You're right about that Ciri. When u see Sikeston and Charleston play especially at Charleston, they are like 2 wolves fighting for a deer. It will be intense.

    -- Posted by TFA on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 10:58 AM
  • Ciri and TFA....you are both right. Friday night will be crazy. I'm confident the Dogs aren't overlooking the Jays.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 11:12 AM
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    When is that game guys?

    -- Posted by BuckMajor on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 11:13 AM
  • 1-10 Buck

    -- Posted by TFA on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 11:15 AM
  • If you were talking about Chaminade.

    -- Posted by TFA on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 11:16 AM
  • *

    I was, thanks! May try and make that one. If I can get away early enough to grab a seat.

    -- Posted by BuckMajor on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 11:25 AM
  • Haha Mrs T thats an awesome analogy heeheeee!! No love lost between these two predators once the rock is tossed up at tipoff!!

    -- Posted by cirithungol17 on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 11:34 AM
  • Bulldogs and jayz will be a good one both teams always come ready to play when they meet...

    -- Posted by Mr.Nice_Guy24 on Mon, Jan 2, 2017, at 7:29 PM
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    Should be a lot of points scored in this one. Both teams like to get up and down the floor. Chaminade presses but not as aggressively as Sikeston. My guess is that Sikeston will have to get a bucket of points off turnovers to win.

    Chaminade still has a lot of firepower despite losing 4 good D1 guys. The current team lacks high profile names but is more entertaining because it's not built around 1 player.

    There are 3 guys who average around 20 ppg--Reggie Crawford, Jerricole Hellems, and Karrington Davis. Davis and Hellems have D1 offers. Crawford has D1 talent as well, but he has decided to focus on football. Has offers from Illinois, Wyoming, and several others as a WR.

    Davis is explosive with a really sweet stroke from outside. Just coming into his own. Still not completely comfortable putting the ball on the floor, but can give you the highlight reel slam if you give him an alley.

    Hellems, listed at 6'7", plays a more physical game. Not as quick or explosive as Davis, who is around 6'6". Hellems' outside shooting this year has surprised me. Can occasionally get out of control.

    Crawford, 6'4" is a good all-around player. Can handle the ball and doesn't mind banging for rebounds. Is taking the outside shot more this year, and the lefty has been hitting them. Good defender. Now a senior, Crawford has played a lot from his freshman year on. Around 6'3", maybe 6'4.

    Liam Courtney, the 6'11 Canadian, has been slowed some by an injury. Has ability--played on the Canada U16 team and will play for MoKan Elite next summer. Needs to get stronger and improve his footwork. Can shoot the ball.

    Marin Vrucinic, a 6'5" southpaw from Croatia, has an understated but nice game. Sees the floor well. Pretty good ball handler who can also shoot the 3. Can play the point. Jadis white is very quick. Started at PG earlier in the season. Was a little erratic when I saw him.

    Chaminade also has a couple of freshmen, Kasubke and Branson, who at one time or another have been listed in the top 150 players in the freshman class.

    The team is averaging around 8 made 3s and 83 points per game. At times, however, they have lapses typical of young teams, and they will turn the ball over.

    To win, Sikeston will have to rattle Chaminade with the press, shoot the ball much better than they did against Fort Zumwalt South, and fight like heck on the boards.

    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 9:49 AM
  • Ok no foreigners allowed.. dang I'm thinking we will be in trouble. People come from another country to play at this school? Wow! Can u tell I know nothing about that school.

    -- Posted by TFA on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 9:55 AM
  • I have had the luxury of watching them play too. The three games I saw them play, they did have some "younger" kids mistakes. However do not let that fool you. I seriously only give Sikeston about a 5% chance to win this game. They are severely undersized. And before you guys get butt hurt over that comment. I know Sikeston can play big, but that's only if the other team only has a few bigger guys. Pretty much the starting 5 is bigger than any Sikeston player getting valuable minutes.

    Both teams press but Sikeston is more aggressive with their press. This will back fire on them. The game is up here in StL and we saw this hurt Sikeston this year already over in St Dominic, when Thatch got in foul trouble. He did rebound quite nicely to come close to a triple double. However, if he's on the bench with any extended time, it'll be lights out for Sikeston. The Jenkins boy will be in a totally different ball game than he's use to. He uses his height sometimes to his advantage, but he's going to be looking up quite a bit next Tuesday night.

    Guard play. Sikeston has the better shooters....when they are on. In my opinion Jones is the best guard in this match up, if he comes to play. It ought to be interesting to watch. But my prediction Chaminiade by 20-25.

    -- Posted by Redsandguy on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 11:09 AM
  • I don't care about the public, private debate but c'mon! They have kids from literally all over the world and the MSHSAA can accept that as fair for all parties?

    -- Posted by Coachken on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 11:21 AM
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    But I mean isn't that in reality part of the private/public debate? Yes they can have kids from all over the world. I know Vrucinic is an exchange student. I'm less familiar with Courtney. But I mean STL does have a more diverse population, I'm sure they have s bunch of Croatians and Canadians (I'm sure that's probably not the case with these two, but I'm just saying you can't base that because they are foreign doesn't mean that haven't been long time STL residents). This is a big big new trend in college basketball. With expanding staffs and budgets, and the evolution of the Internet/YouTube/and social media. It is so much easier to recruit overseas. I can speak for Kentucky, they have two foreigners on the team who Cal never even saw play basketball in person. Just video footage and got them to come over here for a visit. Heck this could even be an AAU deal where one of the best teams in the country (MoKan Elite) recruited Courtney and he just needed a Missouri high school (probably private school) and why not pick Chaminade where they are basically putting a whole starting 5 into division 1 each year. Not saying this is the situation that happened in these two specific incidents, but it could and it does. Many many private and independent schools that can are finding foreign talent, especially with the rise of basketball in sub-Saharan Africa, and they are capitalizing on it.

    -- Posted by BuckMajor on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 12:21 PM
  • Lots of Croatians in St. Louis I know because my sister used to live in a neighborhood with a bunch

    -- Posted by TFA on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 12:36 PM
  • Chaminade just sees this as another game. No need for them to get excited over Sikeston.

    -- Posted by Mr. Baseball on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 2:57 PM
  • Chaminade is a one of the few boarding schools in Mo and they routinely have foreign students- many who do not play any sports at all though.

    Kind of a private school on steroids- like Oak Hill Academy in Virginia.

    -- Posted by Deuce43 on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 4:05 PM
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    Redsandguy predicts a Sikeston L by 20-25. Holy

    Guacamole. When's the last time such an event occurred?? Before you say "When's the last time they played Chaminade or a school of the like?" I know Chaminade is a new dog for Sikeston to fight, but you're telling me the number 2 team in Class 4 wont make it closer than that. Oh my. Is Chaminade ranked?

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 6:40 PM
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    Okay looked it up. Chaminade is #1

    Still not convinced about 20-25 though...but I might be biased

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 6:43 PM
  • Agreed, bulldogs.... I know the Dogs have an uphill fight, but I believe they can keep it closer than 20-25. I guess we will see...

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 6:48 PM
  • I hope it's a close game Rocket cause I will be listening and I love exciting games.

    -- Posted by TFA on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 8:12 PM
  • B21F,

    I'm not trying to disrespect your Bulldogs. I'm just trying to be real. This team is loaded with talent. They are young and make metal mistakes but they also have the capability of scoring at will against Sikeston. Outside of Thatch and Jones, and this is no disrespect to anyone else on the team, there is not another playmaker. A lot of key contributors but the talent level severely drops off after those two. Any other opponent they can get away with that. Vashon and Chaminade are on different levels right now than Sikeston. Chaminade will ONLY make Sikeston stronger and more difficult to play against. Sikeston, after this game, will learn to play from behind and try to claw back into a game. That will help them if they get out of districts.

    -- Posted by Redsandguy on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 8:40 PM
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    No I understand where you're coming from, truthfully I agree with every bit of the assessment except 20-25 but I'm a homer and that's okay. Everyone always calls for a harder schedule and here it is, Chaminade. We need this type of game, it will only help down the road. I'm excited for the game to be played. The cream will rise to the top

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Tue, Jan 3, 2017, at 10:49 PM
  • If Vashon plays like they did in the Showdown they won't beat Sikeston. They really didn't look that impressive. I'm sure they're better than they played in the Showdown but for sure going to be a hell of a game when they play Sikeston.

    -- Posted by BIGELW on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 6:59 AM
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    Buck is right about Vrucinic. He's a foreign exchange student. Was on the team last year and started several games. Just fulfills his role on this team, but he appears to have a lot of ability to me. Would likely be a big scorer and assist guy on other teams.

    Courtney transferred to Chaminade from his Canadian school about this time last year. My guess is his parents wanted him to play against tougher competition to develop his game, but I don't know that for a fact.

    My understanding is that he was eligible then but that Chaminade decided not to add him to the roster until this season.

    It appears that Chaminade has gotten inquiries the last couple of years from kids around the country. (There was at least one interested elite player who decided not to come or couldn't get admitted.) Chaminade has developed a high profile because of Lee, Beal, and Tatum and the fact that several of their games have been nationally televised. (One source ranked their schedule last year as the toughest in the country.) So kids from all over are contacting Chaminade.

    But as far as I am aware, Courtney and Vrucinic are the only kids outside of StL on the team.

    Yes, Chaminade is certainly a strong favorite, but they have never been pressed the way Sikeston will get after them. Perhaps they will handle it well and convert a ton of easy baskets, but that's not a given.

    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 8:20 AM
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    Don't overlook undefeated St. Mary's in Class 4. Will likely meet Vashon in the sectional at Parkway West. They gave Vashon a scare in the district final last year and return all their key parts. Recently won the 16-team Coaches vs. Cancer (the old Meramec) Tournament in StL. Knocked off Hazelwood Central in the semis and SLUH in the final. Very athletic with an excellent PG, a scorer, and one of the best big defenders in StL. Coached by Kelvin Lee, who led Beal and Chaminade to the Class 5 title several years ago.

    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 8:34 AM
  • Didnt know about St Marys thanks Uncle Grub! Agreed that Cham is in a whole other stratosphere competitionwise, they are a private basketball academy but im glad we'll get a challenge and our Dawgz will get a valuable lesson from the game, win or lose.

    -- Posted by cirithungol17 on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 9:20 AM
  • Webster Groves, St. Mary's, SLUH all press just as good, if not better than Sikeston. If you are hoping for the Sikeston press to make a difference against Chaminade, then you are in for a rude awakening.

    It is not fair that Chaminade and others are top recruiters, but many aspects of life are not fair.

    Sikeston loses by double digits. Maybe Chaminade can put some of their subs or JV team in when the beating gets too bad.

    -- Posted by Mr. Baseball on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 11:14 AM
  • You schools go get whomever you want from wherever in the world you, but you other fellas can only play with certain kids and boundaries.

    Seems logical

    -- Posted by Coachken on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 12:41 PM
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    Mr baseball is calling for JV subs to get in! My gosh. All in favor of promoting Chaminade to the Missouri Valley say "I"

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 1:07 PM
  • Should have scheduled some solid Class 4 teams or even class 5 that are not the likes of Chaminade.

    I'd like Sikeston to play St. Mary's, Webster Groves, SLUH.

    I bet you that last year's Chaminade team would not have finished last in the Missouri Valley. They had about four players go D-I last year, led by the Duke starter as a freshman.

    -- Posted by Mr. Baseball on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 2:32 PM
  • If those schools called Sikeston then maybe they would have scheduled them. Fact is, Chaminade contacted Sikeston and Sikeston welcomed the challenge.

    -- Posted by semohoops on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 5:29 PM
  • I think our secret weapon could be BJ. He's so fast and just a little short he could go between their legs!! I really like watching BJ

    -- Posted by TFA on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 6:06 PM
  • Agreed hoops. What some folks done understand is that you just don't make a schedule in October of the year....those things are typically done a year to two years ahead of time.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 6:23 PM
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    Also regarding the Webster Groves tidbit...I think there have been discussions trying to get them on the schedule, but a snag was hit. Who knows. As a Sikeston fan, I see nothing truly wrong with or schedule. We play the SEMO Conference, two STL tourneys, Cape Shootout and then various teams. Chaminade, Miller Career, Ft. Tolton, etc. any speculation on crowd or atmosphere at the game Tuesday?

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 6:39 PM
  • Rocket will be there, that's all we need!!!

    -- Posted by TFA on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 6:47 PM
  • Ha! Yes, I will be there....with bells on as they say.

    Regarding the Dogs schedule....it seems to have worked pretty well. And, as "they" say....let's let Jesse rob this train.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 8:10 PM
  • *

    Who's Jesse?

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 9:05 PM
  • Jesse James

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Wed, Jan 4, 2017, at 9:51 PM
  • Won't hear me say this much but I will be pulling for Sikeston. I will root for any semo team over stl team. That being said Sikeston is going to have a tough time.

    -- Posted by Murphdogg on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 5:27 AM
  • *

    I expect a decent crowd for the game, but it likely won't be like last year's sellouts. But the gym is pretty old and not very large.

    When Carte'are Gordon becomes eligible for Webster Groves, they will be more than a handful for Chaminade. Webster will have two of the top 30 juniors in the country and a strong supporting cast. Chaminade couldn't handle Gordon when he was a freshman, and that's when they had Tyler Cook on him. I'm not sure how they will stop him this year.

    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 8:14 AM
  • Mr Baseball,

    I have to 100% disagree with you. Talking to a few Chaminade people, Chaminade were the ones to actually contact the AD down at Sikeston. Not the other way around. I see on here people bashing one school or another about their strength of schedule. IMO this will only HELP Sikeston. They will be in a fight for their basketball lives come Tuesday night. This is what they need at this time of the year. I believe this is also a good thing for Chaminade as well. Sikeston basketball has been strong for over a decade. Why not play another strong school in the state? To be the best, you have to beat the best. That goes for both teams in this matchup. They are both, one of the best teams in their respective class.

    I remember this same talk many years ago on here about SCC and Sikeston. It was a lose lose situation for Sikeston bc they were the extremely higher class playing the lowest class in the state. However, SCC had Otto. Enough said on him. The bottom line is this is a great matchup for Sikeston and a good matchup for Chaminade. Should be a good one but I think Sikeston will have a 20-25 point loss.

    -- Posted by Redsandguy on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 8:26 AM
  • I hear what you are saying Redsandguy. I just think there are better match-ups for Sikeston in the St. Louis area, but as you stated, Chaminade contacted them, schedules are made way in advance, and maybe the other St. Louis schools did not invite Sikeston to play. Also, you are obligated to play your conference teams, so I am sure the schedulers are doing the best they can.

    We also must keep in mind travel costs and that the players are supposed to be students first and foremost.

    I guess my main point is, I just hope the Sikeston players can use this game to learn and get better. My concern is that IF they lose by 20 points, it may have a negative impact on their confidence. That's where good coaching and leadership may come into play.

    I was probably harsh on Sikeston when I said that maybe some of the JV Chaminade players could get some action if the game got out of hand, but Chaminade's JV team is probably better than half of the St. Louis area varsity teams.

    I would love to see Sikeston beat Chaminade, as I am a public school guy who has had disdain for private schools and recruiting. As previously stated on here, Chaminade is not only a private school, but a basketball academy. This would be a super win for Sikeston; but Sikeston fans, I am just saying don't get your hopes up.

    -- Posted by Mr. Baseball on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 8:42 AM
  • No problem Mr Baseball, we know what ur sayn. Im very sure our coach and players know we are a decided underdog going in, as well as do our fans. And we really appreciate Cham contacting us to play, Holifield will revel in this massive challenge and he wont let the boys stay down for long if what u predict comes true!

    -- Posted by cirithungol17 on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 9:25 AM
  • Vashon does the same thing, they usually have a couple national powerhouses on their schedule which may keep them from going 30-0 but it sure does prepare them for state.

    -- Posted by cirithungol17 on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 9:27 AM
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    My favorite part of this game is what does Sikeston have to lose? They're going into the number 1 class 5 team's home gym and aren't expected to win. Sikeston has no pressure, I think they'll play loose and be excited. Plus if we do happen to lose, the fans should not be upset or discouraged. Going perfect is a rare feat. This game will help us more than playing a local team and maintaining a perfect record. Does Chaminade broadcast their games online in any way?

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 9:50 AM
  • This game will help us more than playing a local team and maintaining a perfect record. Does Chaminade broadcast their games online in any way?

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 9:50 AM

    GO JAYS!!!!!

    -- Posted by uncommon_sense on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 10:06 AM
  • No doubt this helps Sikeston big time. #WAR

    -- Posted by Kdub102002 on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 10:10 AM
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    For the record I wasn't insinuating that we would easily beat Charleston tomorrow. It was more of an I''m glad we don't play Bernie this year

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 11:44 AM
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    Chaminade streams video of many of its games. Not sure about Sikeston, but check here.


    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 11:52 AM
  • Baseball....I think the Sikeston fans see this as any other game. The Dogs are a very good team playing a very good team. We will have to play very well to win and compete. The Dogs may very well get beat, but they won't back down and will play very aggressively. That much I can assure you...

    It is no doubt a HUGE test...

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 2:32 PM
  • Sikeston has nothing to lose but gains a lot from this test. Ppl are saying a 20-25 point victory for chaminade I don't see it. Sikeston will come ready to play and be fired up for this test. I see it being a good game with both teams being the number one team in there class.. I will there for this one and I can't wait. I'm going with bulldog nation even tho I know it's a big test and by sum ppl and huge mountain to climb. One thought is have chaminade and vashon played or have they both played the same team at this point of the year if so what was the scores..

    -- Posted by Mr.Nice_Guy24 on Thu, Jan 5, 2017, at 3:17 PM
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    Chaminade and Vashon have not played, and I don't see any common opponents so far.

    Vashon is more aggressive defensively than Chaminade has been. Chaminade has relied heavily on its 3-point shooting, which has been outstanding. The team is hitting 39.8% of its 3s, and 5 guys are shooting 40% or better. The team has already shot 221 3s.

    Vashon has a couple of shooters but is more inside oriented than Chaminade. At least they were last year. Despite its size, Chaminade has not been a dominant rebounding team in some of its games. Vashon would give them trouble there.

    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 8:19 AM
  • Seeing that Chaminade is a good 3pt shooting team worries me more then their height. The zone that Sikeston runs tends to leave good 3pt shooting teams open.

    -- Posted by Fatboy1972 on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 9:00 AM
  • Agreed agreed agreed fatboy. As soon as i heard about their prolific treys that set off a warning signal in my walnut sized brain. We tend to double team wayyy out front at times, leaving folks open around the arc. But hopefully adjustments will be made if they start raining threes!

    -- Posted by cirithungol17 on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 9:10 AM
  • May not matter if they're up on them or not with 6'7, 6'5 and 6'3 guards.

    -- Posted by BIGELW on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 9:35 AM
  • Hey Big is there a return date for Leech that you know of?

    -- Posted by cirithungol17 on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 9:40 AM
  • So fatboy, should Sikeston scrap their defense and guard them man?

    -- Posted by semohoops on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 10:26 AM
  • Big men can't play if there on the bench !

    If the. bulldogs play smart ball and hit the open man , cutter we'll be good . We can score at will just get everyone in the game

    -- Posted by A fan of no fan on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 10:45 AM
  • *

    Thatch's game reminds me of Larry Johnson & Sikeston has sound guard play, they are extremely well coached, poised & every player is surprisingly athletic. I think that they will be a tough out for any team if they are on their game. The only negative is that they revolve around one person, which is somewhat common for small town teams. Chaminade & most big city schools nowadays are manufactured, not homegrown like our small town teams which saddens me as small town, homegrown purist & it definitely isn't fair but we have to respect the MSHSAA rules yet I for one think their should be separate championships, private & public, but I am not in power to make such a change. The California high schools, all of them, have just decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I wish their could be some sort of national, conformed mandate &/or rules...Look at Oak Hill, etc. C'mon!

    -- Posted by STRAIGHTOUTTACHARLESTON on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 11:14 AM
  • I had heard the other day that Leech and Dom will both be back on the 13th but not 100% sure.

    -- Posted by BIGELW on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 11:29 AM
  • Leech posted he's back now my son said

    -- Posted by TFA on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 12:23 PM
  • Glad Leech is coming back and can't wait to see what happens with Sikeston Chaminade and the Jackson kids may be coming back its gonna be fun the next few months. I don't have schedule does either cape or jackson play pb at home this year?

    -- Posted by Murphdogg on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 12:59 PM
  • *

    Is sikeston and charleston being streamed live tonight?

    -- Posted by The WizKid on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 1:05 PM
  • Hope he's back but 1st game back will be a tough one playing against Columbus out of Miss. Robert Woodard is a stud.

    -- Posted by BIGELW on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 1:08 PM
  • PB plays at Cape and Jackson this year.

    -- Posted by BIGELW on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 1:13 PM
  • *

    Guess Sikeston will need to play extra fast and supply a little more defensive pressure. The tall fellas aren't quite as tall when their hands are on their knees

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 1:25 PM
  • Semohoops why would they scrap a defense that's made them one of the top teams in the state for the last several years? Their defense works the majority of the time but sometimes they over commit to the zone and leave someone open behind the 3.

    -- Posted by Fatboy1972 on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 1:45 PM
  • *

    Simple solution: close out and find shooters. Boom.

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 3:45 PM
  • Fatboy I'll defer to Holifield. I'm sure he knows what is best for his team than me or you.

    -- Posted by semohoops on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 4:01 PM
  • Big E, I was told today that P.B. pulled out of the game with Columbus at Paducah tomorrow. Don't know the reason or if they in fact did drop it.

    -- Posted by 3Rfan on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 6:11 PM
  • Semohoops there is no doubt in my mind that coach Holifield knows what's best for his team better than anyone but that doesn't take away from the fact that the team does over commit to one side of the court sometimes that leaves the opposite side of the court open. Does that mean I think they should go to man to man, no. They are considered one of the best teams in the state year in and out because of their defense.

    -- Posted by Fatboy1972 on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 6:48 PM
  • Chaminade and sikeston win big tonight can't wait until Tuesday..

    -- Posted by Mr.Nice_Guy24 on Fri, Jan 6, 2017, at 10:47 PM
  • And we lost today by 9. I'm agreeing with fat boy on this they didn't guard the 3 and that hurt us today.

    -- Posted by TFA on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 5:09 PM
  • It is absolutely, hilariously, comically, a treat to see all of the Sikeston know it alls come out with all of these great suggestions on how Sikeston has to adjust to this or that after a loss(as if anything being said is revolutionary,haha). Keep up the good work guys and gals! LOL

    -- Posted by ozzyandharriet on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 5:51 PM
  • We didn't exactly have a lot in the tank from last night, but that's no excuse. McCluer played well and shot very well...

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 5:51 PM
  • Oz you must be talking about me since I'm the only one commenting and you seem to always have something smart to say to me so I hope you feel grown. Was going to say something and stoop to your level but won't. Oh what the heck! Bite me! 😂😂

    -- Posted by TFA on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 6:11 PM
  • Just for the record I was agreeing with fat boy last night when I read what he wrote so that was before we lost just commented today.

    -- Posted by TFA on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 6:13 PM
  • Honey, you're paranoid. I clearly said "sikeston know it alls". Adding the (s) to the word "all" clearly makes that word plural.

    Chomp, Chomp.

    -- Posted by ozzyandharriet on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 6:58 PM
  • Come on, Black Cat, sikeston just played 3 games in 3 nights to win the St Dominic tournament. Don't go disrespecting competitors by talking about how the tank was empty. You either win or you lose.

    -- Posted by ozzyandharriet on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 7:09 PM
  • But oh great Oz if you looked at the dates I'm the only one that commented after we lost today so I'm thinking I'm only one person.... so who else was there to talk to and please don't call me honey for some reason I don't like terms of endearment from strangers. But I'm done arguing for now but come back after Tuesday nights game and maybe someone else can point out the obvious but I will say it will be a loss on Tuesday.

    -- Posted by TFA on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 7:44 PM
  • And what exactly is your recipe for winning now that your Dogs have finally gotten beat TFA?? Is it "more teamwork"?

    -- Posted by Hemingway on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 8:14 PM
  • Well, Gertrude, I didn't pay close enough attention to the dates because i also had noticed what fat Albert had said about the Dogs defensive strategies. But, you're correct. That was after the game Friday night.

    As for Tuesday night, I'm sure all of you pontificating prognosticators will get it all figured out for the Dogs.

    -- Posted by ozzyandharriet on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 8:35 PM
  • Get em Ms. T!! Yall better watch out!!😁

    -- Posted by IndianPride on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 9:00 PM
  • oz...please fish elsewhere.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 9:40 PM
  • I ain't even got a pole, yo. Wait a minute. Does that qualify as

    an excuse?

    -- Posted by ozzyandharriet on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 9:47 PM
  • I'll take Chaminade by ~12. Sikeston is a proud program and have some very good players. They won't let themselves get murdered

    However, I'll gladly eat crow if the Bulldogs win! I always support our SEMO teams when they travel to STL

    -- Posted by semo501 on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 10:21 PM
  • Can I please have qualifications of basketball success from TFA and Ozzy other than parent and fan? Before stats and obvious basketball facts embarrass one or both.

    -- Posted by barkleyfan on Sat, Jan 7, 2017, at 10:22 PM
  • Sorry Bark do you have to have success qualifications to comment and I'm not a parent I just like watching basketball. Hemingway if you were at the game yesterday you would of seen someone totally play me ball. It wasn't Fred either if that's what you were thinking. We had open people who could shoot but nope he kept plowing into the area that had other players in there and kept losing the ball. But I'm not saying losing was his fault just that he could of looked around. We lost by a team that just played better isn't that how it usually works? You know since I don't have any qualifications I might not know.

    -- Posted by TFA on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 6:05 AM
  • Oh and I don't care about being embarrassed won't phase me at all. Because see I could care less about stats just what happened while I was watching. Now go ahead embarrass away.

    -- Posted by TFA on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 6:07 AM
  • Oh and bark I bet the stats and obvious basketball facts would of had us winning yesterday but we didn't. But please enlighten me on the stats and facts for Tuesday night game so I can be more knowledgeable and prepared. Thank you

    -- Posted by TFA on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 6:53 AM
  • Oh and Oz thanks for the name Gertrude I like that instead of honey or anything like that but one little thing I want to point out is that fat boy said that before the game Friday night not after. Ok now everyone can have at it on me but being female and I know some of you guys are probably married and know that women are always right even if proven wrong go ahead have at it but I will still think I'm right. 😀😀😀 oh and maybe a qualification that's just about as good as some of these others is I did play ball back in the day and had much respect for my coach who taught us a lot and I can see things not being done today that was taught to me and maybe they don't teach stuff like that anymore.

    -- Posted by TFA on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 7:05 AM
  • Francis-I appreciate your corrective measures that you take to keep me in line. You are a smart lady for listening to and respecting your coach. Much love to you, yo.

    Barkleyfan-I'm just stirring the pot with people like Francis and Bottlerocket. I ain't got nothing against them. Theys cool However, if you want to go spouting off at the corn hole asking me about my knowledge and qualifications I will just laugh at you, Shrek. I'm like your buddy, Charles. I've got lots of opinions and I will straight smoke your tail in any conversation you want to have about basketball.

    Peace out.

    -- Posted by ozzyandharriet on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 10:50 AM
  • Omg did I use the word oh too much or what. Geez!! Oz I don't like Francis as much as I do Gertrude!!

    -- Posted by TFA on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 11:33 AM
  • Fatboys assessment is on the money about Sikestons zone defense. Against a much bigger team, you tend to pack it in to guard the basket, but being that Chaminade has legitimate 3 point shooters presents a definitive problem for the Dogs. Yesterdays loss confirms the theory. Sikeston was up 15-6, but then gave up a 19-6 run amid McCluer's 3pt barrage. I saw the exact same thing in the state semifinals against Vashon last year. They were up on Vashon, but after a kid hit a wide open 3 late in the 3rd qtr (due to lack of rotation), Sikeston didn't adjust. They stayed in the zone and the kid hit 3 more threes. I felt they needed to put a body on the kid soon as he crossed halfcourt, but they didn't and That 12-4 swing proved costly. Sikeston expended so much energy forcing a tie at the end of regulation that they were exhausted in overtime. Holifield is a great coach and has been very successful employing the press and the zone D, but there are times when just plain ol old school Bootheel man2man pressure D would serve them well. Maybe not against Chaminade (too big), but Good luck to them come Tuesday

    -- Posted by hoopaholiczanon on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 11:53 AM
  • It begs the question, how is an undermanned team supposed to guard a team like vashon with huge size advantages in man to man? So sikeston gave up a few 3's in last year's vashon game. You could also argue that vashon would have had a bigger lead and dominated even more had sikeston defended them man to man. In the zone they gave themselves a chance to win against a far more talented team.

    -- Posted by semohoops on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 12:48 PM
  • *

    I too agree about the leaving people open because of lack of rotation or what have you. However that is fixed by closing out and being aware of shooters. Also about the packing it in against bigger teams...that almost certainly never happens. If proper ball pressure is applied then the big will have a tough time getting the ball from the guards. And playing fast is tougher on the big guys because they aren't used to it.

    Truthfully I or anyone can give reasons or explanations all day but it's going to come down to execution.

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 12:48 PM
  • hoops...Sikeston doesn't just "play a zone." It's more of a matchup zone. They are taught and drill endlessly on closing out on shooters. Of course there are times they give up open looks....so does man defense when the defender can't get around a screen or just gets lost. The Dogs took Vashon to OT when no one gave the Dogs a chance.

    Regarding "just going man to man"....in my opinion, a team just doesn't "go man to man" without working on it endlessly....just as the Dogs work on their matchup zone endlessly. On the other hand, predominantly man defensive teams can't just turn on a switch and play a zone....it won't work. I'm confident Coach Holifield has the best interests of his team when pondering which defense to play.

    Regarding yesterday....again, McCluer played well and won. It happens. The #2 and #4 ranked teams also lost yesterday. I doubt their coaches are reconsidering the premise of their teams. The Dogs will be just fine.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 12:50 PM
  • *

    McCluer is a pretty good team. I watched them in the Carbondale Holiday tournament. The talent in that tournament was steep! McCluer was the consolation champion.

    -- Posted by JustSpeakingTheTruth on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 3:02 PM
  • There was some tough man to man applied by Kennett yesterday. Harriet.... lol child's play. Bottom line is that Sikeston did not execute well defensively and that led to McCluer being able to get comfortable on the offensive end. It happens on back to back games. Not an excuse but it happens. Now the professionals will critique and analyze with their coaching experience and vast knowledge. Laughable but happens daily. Parents questioning playing time or lack there of etc. only way for this forum to exist. I'm sure that the coaching staff will take all these opinions and immediately put them into motion. As parents we all need to take off our blinders and leave the coaching to the coaches. Or I guess the coaches could start telling us how to raise our kids? I bet that would be met with some resistance?

    -- Posted by barkleyfan on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 5:18 PM
  • I'm wondering who the parent is in these conversations. I'm probably not going to word this right but the coaches can only coach so much other stuff is the players need more awareness. If you know a player has been making shots then don't go so far away in the zone. Some had lots of time to make their shots on McCluer but if you noticed when the ball was given to our shooters they were on them real fast which resulted in rushed shots but heck what do I know? Games over I hope it was a learning experience as far as Tuesday I would love to see this game just to see how good the other team is but instead I will only be listening. I don't really consider myself just a Sikeston fan I'm a basketball fan. I was there at noon to watch all teams I go to Riverbend, I just like watching some good ball.

    -- Posted by TFA on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 6:06 PM
  • Charles, talking about blinders? You need to take off the blinders or learn to read English because you ain't ever going to find a post where I've been critical of Sikestons coaches. In fact, i usually just post in an attempt to rile up others who post on this forum.

    Judging by your comments you need to purchase two things. Glasses and a basketball for dummies textbook.

    -- Posted by ozzyandharriet on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 7:39 PM
  • I stand corrected Oz. I must have just grouped you in by accident. Was a late night. Lol. Some in here don't need riled. It happens naturally.

    -- Posted by barkleyfan on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 8:00 PM
  • TFA just don't know when to stop lol

    -- Posted by yaeger on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 8:19 PM
  • Well my dogs won't talk or argue with me so I have to talk to someone. Geez!! 😜

    -- Posted by TFA on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 8:26 PM
  • You know yaeger sometimes people talk on places like this or fb because they have no one to talk to or no friends that like sports or maybe not really any friends. Used to talk to my son about sports but he's all grown up and moved in with others so sometimes I get a little lonely. There you all have a glimpse of my pathetic life but I won't bother any more.

    -- Posted by TFA on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 8:56 PM
  • Don't stop TFA!! I'll guarantee there are a lot more people here that appreciate your knowledge and passion than the few who have bashed you!! 😑😑😑

    -- Posted by IndianPride on Sun, Jan 8, 2017, at 10:17 PM
  • Don't feel too bad TFA. Yaeger is the mayor of Bernie.

    -- Posted by PimpDaddyTaddy on Mon, Jan 9, 2017, at 6:35 AM
  • I'm not going anywhere but I do talk too much and a lot of guys have no respect for women talking about sports but I will try to refrain from talking so much

    -- Posted by TFA on Mon, Jan 9, 2017, at 7:47 AM
  • Semohoops and Rocket.. I think you guys didn't fully understand my comment. I never said they should have played Vashon man 2 man the entire game. There are times when you have to make minor adjustments to fend off a threat. If a kid hits one 3, okay. Then if that same kid goes back to back, that's the point where a defender has to adjust his positioning. If they don't do it , the coach has to call timeout and discuss that somebody better have a hand in his face on the next possession. I don't give a rats butt if you're in a man or zone defense, he is NOT ssupposed to get 2 more wide open looks at the basket because no one is in the vacinity. You can't be satisfied with hedging with your hands down at a hot handed player. Sikeston had Vashon on the ropes, but Those shots were game changers, completely changing the complexion and momentum in favor of Vashon going into OT.

    -- Posted by hoopaholiczanon on Mon, Jan 9, 2017, at 8:13 AM
  • *

    I might be nit picking here but I could have swore those threes were hit to give Vashon a sizable lead before Sikeston made a furious comeback to tie the game and have momentum into overtime? I mean I could be wrong

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Mon, Jan 9, 2017, at 8:42 AM
  • Nobody says Charleston should play zone when they face a team with size that doesn't shoot the ball well. You play the way you play. Teams with winning identities are successful because of being who they are.

    -- Posted by ozzyandharriet on Mon, Jan 9, 2017, at 8:56 AM
  • *

    For anyone interested, here is article on Chaminade's Saturday game. They avenged their only loss of the year with an OT win vs. Champaign Central. Big games by Hellems and Davis. Chaminade got after the glass harder than they did in their loss and pressed the entire game from what I gather. This year's team is pressing much more than last year's squad.

    Don't be fooled by Champaign Central's 7-6 record. They are a very tough outfit led by 4-star Tim Finke, one of the most complete guards in the country, and have an excellent supporting cast.


    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Mon, Jan 9, 2017, at 9:54 AM
  • hoop....are you suggesting that Coach Holifield didn't do those things as you suggested? Wouldn't you guess that they discussed those things? It is the state semifinal game, the guy has is a Hall of Fame coach....I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Also, I believe bulldog21 is right, the shots were earlier in the game. You still make a good point, but I'm confident a coach of Coach Holifield's caliber would make those adjustments.

    Not to compare that kid to Steph Curry, but don't you think the NBA coaches change things on a Steph quite a bit? He still hits 3's and gets all kinds of defenses thrown at him. Is it the coaching or is Steph just a good player?

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Mon, Jan 9, 2017, at 10:22 AM
  • *

    Just for the record, the Vashon player, Koray Gilbert, went 5-7 on his 3-point attempts. He made one in the first half. His barrage came early in the 3rd Quarter when he hit 3 in a row to put Vashon up by 11. He hit one more in the 4th.

    What struck me about Gilbert's performance was that he hadn't done much in his previous games. He didn't score at all in the district final against St. Mary's or the sectional against Riverview. He had 8 points in the quarterfinal.

    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Mon, Jan 9, 2017, at 11:53 AM
  • *

    He stepped up on a big stage. Sikeston knew the main guys to handle and did a decent job at that, but good teams have players step up when needed. Example A) Koray Gilbert

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 8:20 AM
  • Any word if the game will be broadcast? There was a link at the top of the thread, but nothing is listed for tonight's game.

    -- Posted by all-sports-fan on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 12:38 PM
  • *

    Chaminade's student broadcast Twitter account said they would be.

    -- Posted by yah-yah on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 1:28 PM
  • Does the varsity game start at 6pm or is there a jv game first?

    -- Posted by lastride67 on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 2:57 PM
  • There is only a varsity game which begins at 6.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 3:19 PM
  • Thank you

    -- Posted by lastride67 on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 3:28 PM
  • *

    The tweet that yah-yah mentioned includes the same link posted earlier in the thread. Indicates the pre-game will get underway at 5:45.


    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 4:28 PM
  • Half Chaminade 51 Sikeston 38.

    -- Posted by TFA on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 6:43 PM
  • Sounds like lots of 3's being made by Chaminade but I'm thinking even if we were on them they'd just shoot over us.

    -- Posted by TFA on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 7:05 PM
  • 84-59 not Sikeston. Man Chaminade sounds awesome

    -- Posted by TFA on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 7:09 PM
  • *

    Trey is playing really good ball. Chamomide has to many weapons from the outside. Sikeston couldn't match that tonight

    -- Posted by stlfan38 on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 7:22 PM
  • 102-84 final. Only lost by 18 and the bench was scoring at the end there. Good job guys it sound like you were working your butts off against the giants!!

    -- Posted by TFA on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 7:24 PM
  • Chaminade made 12 3 pointers

    -- Posted by TFA on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 7:25 PM
  • Definitely TFA!! After being down close to 30 at start of the 4th they kept battling hard...not sure if Chaminade usually shoots the three like that but man did they keep hitting all night.

    -- Posted by IndianPride on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 7:39 PM
  • Heck it sounded like they didn't miss much of anything. They play in sikeston next year and only have 2 graduating so I can't wait to watch them

    -- Posted by TFA on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 7:41 PM
  • TFA, your statement even if we were on them they would just shoot over us is exactly what happened. Trey Jenkins is already one of the best players in Semo.

    -- Posted by jayrod on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 8:16 PM
  • *

    Didn't make it up to the game, just listened. At one point, the radio guy said "They play just like Sikeston, except they're way bigger. And press a little less." Generally our style of play is an advantage, except when it's also their style of play.

    -- Posted by bulldog21forever on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 8:41 PM
  • Chaminade is just a different animal. All starters over 6'4" and SKILLED. Every. One. Of. Them. Wow!

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 11:12 PM
  • Close to what my prediction was. I said it'd end up being 15 because Sikeston has too much pride to get massacred. So, they were down by 30 and cut it down to 18? Sounds about right

    Chaminade is a much larger school. They have more "star power" depth, and they're simply bigger/longer and equally if not more athletic. It comes with the territory of playing a Class 5 powerhouse. If they are indeed coming down to Sikeston next year it will be interesting and a fun game for sure. Best of luck to the Bulldogs and I applaud you for accepting that challenge!

    -- Posted by semo501 on Wed, Jan 11, 2017, at 1:06 AM
  • Great game last nite . What I seen when good teams put some pressure on the duo , they don't know what to do . Trey had 20 points by half time , 3rd qtr (0) zero . What every happen to give the ball to the man with the hot hand ? Turnovers , wild shooting, and just being outplayed hurt our chances.

    Also I notice the Sikeston fans have been to quite the last couple away games and our team likes the noise they make .

    We need more noise makers !!

    -- Posted by A fan of no fan on Wed, Jan 11, 2017, at 7:55 AM
  • fan...regarding the fans in attendance. We must not have been too quiet as a basketball writer from St Louis tweeted how the game was at Chaminade, but the Sikeston fans were out in force and making the most noise.

    -- Posted by Rocket689 on Wed, Jan 11, 2017, at 8:25 AM
  • *

    StL P-D article on game.

    Has a couple of quotes not in the Standard-Democrat article.


    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Wed, Jan 11, 2017, at 8:27 AM
  • *

    Jericole Hellems, the Chaminade forward who had a big game against Sikeston, has picked up an offer from Indiana after scoring 34 and 47 against Belleville East and Belleville Althoff in back-to-back games last weekend.

    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Wed, Jan 25, 2017, at 9:47 AM
  • I knew his stock was rising. Their coach told me that he had offers from SIUE among other smaller schools which surprised me. I said if he shoots it like he did tonight at 6'7", people will start taking notice. Looks like Indiana is the first to get on board. A very impressive player.

    -- Posted by semohoops on Wed, Jan 25, 2017, at 9:59 AM
  • *

    The Tulsa assistant coaches shared your opinion. They offered him right after the Sikeston game.

    I haven't seen a player improve this much in one year since Beal was a high school sophomore. I keep thinking he's going to run out of the pixie dust, but he seems to have a very large supply.

    -- Posted by unclegrubworm on Wed, Jan 25, 2017, at 1:11 PM

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