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Posted by indian73 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 12:37 PM:

I hear that 3 starters on SC varsity quit the team. Several other key players didn't even go out for the team this year. Seems to me there may be a problem with the program. Is it time for a coaching change? Any thoughts or inside info that may explain the situation?

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  • I'm sure someone is asking if they could get McCord back as i'm typing this. I can just here the conversation now, "we were awesome when he was here, think we could get him back?

    "Oh I'm sure he'd come back. If not, there are other great coaches just waiting to come and right the ship."

    "That settles it, fire him and hire the better coach that is sure to apply."

    "Wait, what if the new guy is worse?"

    "That would never happen."

    -- Posted by El Capitan on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 1:55 PM
  • I agree, unless a coach has done something specific to get themselves fired, you should tread carefully. The new coach may be worse than the old.

    -- Posted by asdf1234 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 2:34 PM
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    The point of the post was to get info on the situation. When players won't go out and then 3 starters quit it raises a flag on potential problems with the current coaching staff. I'm sure the administration/board is aware and addressing any needed actions or solutions.

    -- Posted by indian73 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 2:46 PM
  • It could be a potential problem with......wait for it.....this might be a new concept for some of you.......the COMMUNITY and the PARENTS of those kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know this is an alien concept to most people that get on this board, but problems with sports programs may have more to do with the people producing the players and the expectations of the community, more than the coach.

    That may not be the problem in this case, he may be the reason students are not playing. But if he's doing things the right way and treating the players with respect, whose fault is it that the students are not playing?

    How about making your children see something through, even if things aren't going their way.

    Maybe its a problem with current crop of students. The man has been successful there for close to 10 years. I guess he forgot how to coach and how to take care of a program.

    -- Posted by asdf1234 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 3:01 PM
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    Where's BlueGold/Ronnie1 when you need him?

    -- Posted by larry doby 14 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 3:12 PM
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    asdf, I fully agree with you that the kids/parents could be the problem...and that the coach could also be problem too! I have full confidence the SC people will address the issue and find a solution if necessary.

    -- Posted by indian73 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 3:39 PM
  • you seem pretty sure there is an issue? If you know what it is, let us know.

    -- Posted by asdf1234 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 4:19 PM
  • They do this crap from time to time. Some SC players “hated” coach amick back in the day. Their best player transferred (and sat out a year) to bell city following an all semo tournament team selection.

    But, for better or for worse, each side moved on.

    I will say this: parents and board members watch too much espn and see pro and big time colleges (which are each ran like businesses) hire and fire at a rapid pace and I think that mindset has trickled down to high schools thinking their “brand” is always deserving more than they can have. The days of the 20-30 year coaches are few and far between.

    -- Posted by PimpDaddyTaddy on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 5:35 PM
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    I don't think things watched on espn by players/parents has anything to do with a high school coach either being good or bad! A good coach has the ability to be a great teacher, motivator and show respect and fairness to each player. In return he/she will be successful and players will "run through a wall" for them.

    -- Posted by indian73 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 6:11 PM
  • I have to disagree with you, Induan73. A coach friend of mine who got let go was told the school wanted “to go in a different direction.” Like he told me, “Why would you want to go in a different direction when your JV team coming up was 21-4?” He wasn’t the new administration’s “guy.” Where do you hear that stuff? He handled the kids with respect (especially when you watch his replacement - the new administration’s guy). Did nothing “wrong” other than not win enough varsity games with below average talent. Someone else has reaped the benefits the last few seasons. Kind of like Joe Maddon stepping into an up-n-coming young Cubbies team.

    -- Posted by s32j20s12 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 6:40 PM
  • Well Indian you seem to be the only person on here that is in the loop? I guess maybe gather some insight. Were players that quit in trouble? Did the coach wake up feeling unreasonable and decided to act irrationally? Who knows?

    Also, before we exclude what parents \ players turn their attentions’ to and start pointing at coach for being “good” or “bad”- whose idea was it a few years ago for a SC player to grab a Cape players arm and hit himself with it (and flop) in an attempt to get a foul call?

    Did the coach draw that one up in the timeout?

    -- Posted by PimpDaddyTaddy on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 6:43 PM
  • Indian, you’re obviously on here to let everyone know that you’re not happy with the coach there.

    What’s is your answer to the problem, bring in a new coach. If that were the answer, most of the teams in the area wouldn’t have multiple state titles.

    Look at schools like Woodland, they’ve fired all kinds of coaches over the last few years, they still have kids quit.

    Oak Ridge fired a well-respected coach last year. The number of players on the team dropped by more than 10.

    Kelly, Zalma, MH, Leopold, and delta has hired and fired several coaches over the last 10 years. I don’t see many banners hanging in their gyms. And most of them struggle to field a jv team.

    So your logic doesn’t make a lot of sense. We understand you don’t like the coach, but just firing may not solve the problem. Again the problem prob lies with the other people involved.

    -- Posted by asdf1234 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 6:58 PM
  • Meant to say would have multiple state titles in the second paragraph.

    -- Posted by asdf1234 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 8:02 PM
  • Hey IP this may take some pressure of your coach. Lol. Everyone needs to calm down and let the coaches that are in the jib now run the program the way they see fit. Everyone knows more than the coach.

    -- Posted by Murphdogg on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 8:03 PM
  • Job not jib lol

    -- Posted by Murphdogg on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 8:03 PM
  • Haha Murph! No doubt!!

    -- Posted by IndianPride on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 8:08 PM
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    I don't have anything at stake but just have been told this stuff by a SC fan who's friend of mine. Just thought I could get more thoughts and opinions on the situation. No motive or such! That's all I know.

    -- Posted by indian73 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 8:22 PM
  • You mentioned ‘problems with the program or coach’ 3 times in 3 separate posts on behalf of a “friend”?

    Your “friend” might oughtta get a SEMOBALL account.

    -- Posted by SteGen is a Suburb of Crystal City on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 8:43 PM
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    Hey SteGen, when several kids with varsity experience don't go out for the team and then 3 starters quit during the season.. something ain't quite right.. and my past experience it's probably the coach! So don't try your sarcastic stuff on me!

    -- Posted by indian73 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 9:01 PM
  • you have got to be kidding me @indian73 why would you even make this post? "no motive or such" but you start a semoball forum about this LOL!. I know Coach D and will say this, if you listen to the man you will be successful, hes a very good coach, teacher, and mentor.

    @asdf1234 hit the nail on the head, the parents in that community are toxic. too many of those parents think there kids are all state athletes when their kid can barely make a layup. I applaud the kids that are sticking with it, it'll make them better in the long run.

    -- Posted by joedirt45 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 9:01 PM
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    My intent wasn't to start a "getting cute" type discussion but to start a dialogue on the situation. Maybe it is just a group that is "uncoachable". It'll all come out in the wash!

    -- Posted by indian73 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 9:08 PM
  • Your “friend” seems frustrated.

    -- Posted by SteGen is a Suburb of Crystal City on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 9:11 PM
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    Joedirt45... you seem to know quite bit bout what has happened. Fill people in.... I'm out of here.

    -- Posted by indian73 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 9:11 PM
  • Tell your “friend” bye.

    -- Posted by SteGen is a Suburb of Crystal City on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 9:40 PM
  • joedirt you don't know nothing man, no disrespect but u shut ur d*** mouth lol... Ik Eli Berry tht kid plays on a traveling team and loves the game of basketball, for him to quit should stand out to be honest. Let me get another thing straight, I've played under coach D and he's a great man and well respected and very well liked outside of the gym.. I isn't no b**** but when that man gets mad on the court you take every second of it personal, I'm not going to go in deep regarding the names I've witnessed him call some players but it's something a kid should never hear from a coach, also kids should be able to play w/out dealing w that. Another thing Ik that the 3 kids that quit this year & the studs who didn't come out this year the **** parents are so far away from this it's not even funny it's there own **** decision.. tht man simply takes the fun out of basketball.

    -- Posted by Anonymous1227363 on Tue, Jan 9, 2018, at 11:47 PM
  • At Anonymous1227363, spoken like a former player with crushed dreams after you woke up and realized you also were mediocre at best. "The man simply takes the fun out of basketball". What a joke. If you aren't ready for dedication and discipline, stick to your Xbox and backyard basketball.

    To Coach D, keep doing what you're doing. Weed out the crybaby slackers and keep a high standard of expectations for your team.

    -- Posted by KeepItreal2018 on Wed, Jan 10, 2018, at 5:14 AM
  • @keepitreal2018 what a joke! Why don’t you go ask your beloved Coach Why he can’t keep his **** together on and off the court? Intimidating, name calling, anger aggression. What a great Coach. I recently watched a snap chat video of Him punching a hole in the wall in the boys locker room. This man is a embarrassment to SC! I have watched him thrown off the court so many times. Let him speak to me the way he speaks to the kids. Would never happen. He only likes to downgrade kids. Makes him feel like a man. Get him out!

    -- Posted by Sc Parent on Wed, Jan 10, 2018, at 8:11 AM
  • Oh poor me....Coach yelled at me, so I'm going to quit. Give me a break. These kids need to toughen up. Welcome to the real world. Some people are going to make you uncomfortable. You may not like everyone. So you're just going to up and quit?? The team is better off without them. Two of the three kids that quit were selfish players. They were more worried about getting their points and shots than winning. The game last night was much more enjoyable to watch. The kids played hard and played together. Played as a TEAM!

    -- Posted by Mario99 on Wed, Jan 10, 2018, at 9:31 AM
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    *as they lose by 21 to Delta.

    -- Posted by larry doby 14 on Wed, Jan 10, 2018, at 10:28 AM
  • SC played with a limited number of kids and they were mostly Freshmen/Sophomores. Played well in the first half and had Delta down by 13-15. Ran out of gas in the second half. If you've seen them play this year, they didn't do a whole lot with the 3 starters that quit. They were two and out in the Christmas tourney and lost last Friday by 30 to Chaffee. Don't miss those 3 much

    -- Posted by Mario99 on Wed, Jan 10, 2018, at 10:59 AM
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    asdf1234, in most of what you said you had good, solid points. The exception being Meadow Heights. The coaches have been coming in there using the year or two of coaching experience to build their resumes to move to a bigger (read higher paying) job or position more suited to them elsewhere. The school has its up and down talent cycle as do the other smaller schools in the area. They have had several volunteer coaches who have a teacher sitting alongside them as the "head coach". It hasn't been firings but rather coaches moving on to pursue what they want. Hermann let for Chaffee because he was a football guy and had the opportunity. They just lost a very good girls basketball coach who is leaving to pursue her dream of playing professional basketball. Small schools have trouble attracting and keeping coaches due to budgets. I know this is off topic but I just wanted to let you know the situation at Patton rather than people think they fire the coach at the end of each year. Thanks.

    -- Posted by spurredscout on Wed, Jan 10, 2018, at 5:23 PM
  • I meant more that they’ve been through quite a few coaches.

    But let’s also be honest. Tom Brown was fired, and Eubanks and Vertichio definitely left under pressure. They both left because of the writing on the wall. They would both admit that.

    -- Posted by asdf1234 on Wed, Jan 10, 2018, at 5:59 PM
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    You are spot on about the turnover in the coaches.

    You are probably right about Brown, I really can't say as I was deployed away for several years and couldn't follow the boys as diligently. Honestly never even heard of Eubanks. Some of the coaches have come in knowing that they had talented youth present and coming up and rode that talent to solid records seemingly their ability to "right the program" before moving on to other schools. The current coach at MH is teaching the kids the game and should be a good fit. Many of the others, as I've been informed, were not. I'll check up on those names you mentioned to make sure my facts are straight regarding them.

    -- Posted by spurredscout on Wed, Jan 10, 2018, at 7:42 PM

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