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Posted by Old School Coach on Wed, May 17, 2017, at 11:11 PM:

When does SEMO All-Conference Teams come out ?

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  • ? ? ? ?

    -- Posted by Old School Coach on Fri, May 19, 2017, at 1:54 PM
  • Where can I find the list ?

    -- Posted by Old School Coach on Mon, May 22, 2017, at 3:25 PM
  • -- Posted by Josh Mlot on Wed, May 24, 2017, at 12:06 AM
  • Wayyyy too many make all conference in my opinion. The way it is now about 2/3 or more of every team's starters makes at least honorable mention. Hurt some feelings if you have to but don't let everyone with a glove and bat make it.

    -- Posted by PimpDaddyTaddy on Wed, May 24, 2017, at 9:43 AM
  • Agree 1000%! Way too many!

    -- Posted by semo7178 on Wed, May 24, 2017, at 3:08 PM
  • There are definitely a few on the list that aren't even in the same league as others on this list.

    -- Posted by 643doubleplay on Wed, May 24, 2017, at 4:06 PM
  • You got that right doubleplay

    -- Posted by Old School Coach on Wed, May 24, 2017, at 9:43 PM
  • Theirs some that should be on the list that wasnt also. How does your mvp and best offensive player who got both awards didnt even make the list. I think is a bunch of b.s.

    -- Posted by bigdaddywolf on Sat, May 27, 2017, at 10:21 AM
  • Leave it up to some to be so concerned with individual awards. I personally think scrapping all-whatevers would fix so many problems in this me me me sports world.

    -- Posted by canolifromvagilios on Sat, May 27, 2017, at 1:19 PM
  • Its not about individual award, Its about giving credit where credit is do.

    -- Posted by bigdaddywolf on Sat, May 27, 2017, at 2:52 PM
  • I don't have a problem with individual awards if they are measurable like best batting average. Best ERA. Most RBIs etc. All this other stuff gets into politics where if you vote for my guy I'll vote for yours.

    -- Posted by crackerjack on Sat, May 27, 2017, at 3:57 PM
  • Crackerjack I would agree with that more due to it being a clear cut way of giving an award. The only thing that would come into question would be the particular scoring for a team. Example if a kid keeps game changer or scorebook sometimes hits-error can be scored incorrectly and can inflate stats or in some cases take away. It's not like the professional ranks where stats are absolute.

    -- Posted by canolifromvagilios on Sun, May 28, 2017, at 10:56 AM
  • I would venture many would be surprised at how many "incorrect" stats are listed as "official" in the MSHSAA Record Book.

    -- Posted by semo7178 on Sun, May 28, 2017, at 8:02 PM
  • I don't think the All Conf, All Dist, All state teams have any place in interscholastic sports. We should not care. And you can't really go by batting averages and home runs etc....

    No consistency of stat keeping, plus, if you play on some teams you get the other teams best pitcher every time while on other teams you get the weaker pitchers.

    I would say the same for all sports. Waste of time and is just another way to get the coach in trouble.

    -- Posted by BTIndians on Wed, Jun 7, 2017, at 7:29 AM
  • Seems too watered down to me; 7 infielders, 6 pitchers, 5 outfielders, 3 catchers, not to mention 3 utility players..... "24 players named to the 1st team!"

    -- Posted by semo7178 on Wed, Jun 7, 2017, at 4:04 PM
  • Yeah I mean good lord 3 catchers...30% of starting catchers make first team and at least half of the 10 in the conference make hon mention. 24 players make 1st team...90 starters in the conference (10 teams at 9 players each) so almost a third of just the starters make 1st team. Stupid.

    -- Posted by PimpDaddyTaddy on Wed, Jun 7, 2017, at 5:23 PM
  • That's because of what BT says. Coaches don't want to get chewed out or even worse lose their jobs over this irrelevant stuff. Small town school boards can be brutal.

    -- Posted by crackerjack on Wed, Jun 7, 2017, at 7:24 PM
  • Every kid on every team should be all conference. Everyone would be happy and the coach would not be in trouble.

    Or, do away with all of it. Which is really what needs to be done.

    The All district team is the TEAM that wins the district championship. Why do we need to single out participants in a team sport for some special recognition? Don't we try to teach team first? Yes, and then we contradict ourselves with these useless special teams.

    I have seen teams win the district and have several parents and kids, mostly parents, upset because their child did not make all district. Same with the conference or all state.

    -- Posted by BTIndians on Fri, Jun 9, 2017, at 11:32 AM

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