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Posted by crackerjack on Thu, Jun 22, 2017, at 7:06 PM:

Ok. I don't follow the NBA at all but I did just watch some of the draft. Jayson Tatum just went 3rd in the draft and in his interview he talked about how rough it was growing up as the son of a single mom and not having money. He went to Chaminade which at last check was over 17,000.00 per year. Just let that sink in.

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  • Hmmmmm!!!

    -- Posted by IndianPride on Thu, Jun 22, 2017, at 8:05 PM
  • The $17,000 only applies if you're not a division 1 athlete

    Also, isn't his dad the coach at CBC?

    -- Posted by semo501 on Fri, Jun 23, 2017, at 1:03 AM
  • So his mother is an attorney is St. Louis. You don't think she could afford the $17,000???

    -- Posted by BBUBET on Wed, Jun 28, 2017, at 11:19 AM
  • *

    No, I think the point is when interviewed Tatum said how hard it was to grow up without having money with a single mom. If she is an attorney I'm sure she could afford it, not that she had to though.

    -- Posted by BlueNote on Wed, Jun 28, 2017, at 11:27 AM
  • His mother had Jayson when she was 18 and in college. She raised a child on her own while completing her undergrad degree and then law school....so I do imagine there were a lot of difficult times.

    -- Posted by Crash Davis on Wed, Jun 28, 2017, at 11:58 AM
  • His Dad is a high school coach, always wondered why he would not play for him. Seems odd

    -- Posted by Coachken on Wed, Jun 28, 2017, at 3:12 PM
  • good recruiting

    -- Posted by chsfan185 on Thu, Jun 29, 2017, at 1:19 AM

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