St. Louis Cardinals Forum: Is the ĎOn The Airí section in the Southeast Missourian print edition excluding local/regional teams?

Posted by SEMOGRAD1984 on Sat, Feb 22, 2020, at 7:27 PM:

The ĎOn The Airí listing in the Southeast Missourianís print edition of the Sports section lists all sports and the time/channel that certain sports are on. I have noticed recently that Fox Sports Midwest (FSM) telecasts are not listed; at least if thatís the only network covering the event. Why is this?

Example: Today was the first St. Louis Cardinalsí spring training game and I did not see it listed, but it was on FSM. In the paper, I saw two spring training games listed, both on MLBN, but nothing for the Cardinals. It was the same with the Blues last Thursday. Nothing was listed in Thursdayís paper on FSM, and they actually were on FSM. The Blues play tomorrow, and it is listed. However, is it because itís on NBCSN, as well as FSM?

It is the same with SEMO sports. I believe both women and men play basketball tonight and I didnít see anything listed for radio coverage. The SEMO baseball team played today also, and I didnít see that listed as well. I would think this paper would do their due diligence and promote local/regional teams, but it seems to me that is not the case.

If I am missing something, please inform me and I apologize. Otherwise, I would like to see the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues and SEMO athletics listed in the ĎOn The Airí section, along with their radio and/or TV coverage.

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