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Posted by Norman24 on Thu, Jul 20, 2017, at 7:58 AM:

Hi all, I came across the awards and plaques in Toronto while searching online. I would like to know the criteria's to look forward while we are buying a trophy or award. It would have been good if you can share your personal experiences too.

Im working in an IT company and we are planning to organize a program to motivate the employees. The program is named as:For the excellence 2017. The aim of this program is to appreciate and thank all the employees who are working. We know that this will be a great motivation for all the employees and definitely, it will increase the efficiency and productivity. We are starting this program for the first time. And hopefully, will try to organize it every year.

So for that, I would like to get your valid suggestions and experiences comments.

It will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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