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Week 2 football rankings/standings

Posted Wednesday, September 5, 2012, at 10:28 PM


Statewide high school football rankings, as compiled by a 14-member panel of Missouri sportswriters and broadcasters. First-place votes in ( ):


Rank, teamRec.Pts.LW
1. CBC (10)2-01351
2. Blue Springs (4)2-01292
3. Rock Bridge2-01084
4. Lafayette2-0865
5. Rockhurst1-1833
6. Jefferson City2-0767
7. De Smet1-1568
8. Francis Howell2-0459
9. Blue Springs South1-1356
10. Raymore-Peculiar2-010--

Also receiving votes: Parkway South (2-0) 7.


Rank, teamRec.Pts.LW
1. Kirkwood (10)2-01361
2. Lee's Summit West (4)2-01302
3. Fort Osage2-01093
4. Rockwood Summit2-0934
5. Staley1-1875
6. Webster Groves1-1566
7. Fort Zumwalt South2-0488
8. Hazelwood East1-1457
9. Kearney2-036--
10. Nixa2-013--

Others receiving votes: Ozark (2-0), 8, Park Hill (1-1) 3, Parkway Central (2-0) 3, Fort Zumwalt East (2-0) 2, Winnetonka (1-1) 1.


Rank, teamRec.Pts.LW
1. Webb City (14)2-01401
2. Helias1-11153
3. Liberty North2-01104
4. Borgia2-0837
5. Savannah2-082--
6. Harrisonville1-1642
7. Sikeston2-0479
8. Hannibal2-04510
9. Hillcrest2-021--
10. Bolivar1-1175

Others receiving votes: St. Clair (2-0) 10, Carthage (2-0) 8, Westminster (2-0) 5, Sullivan (2-0) 4, University City (2-0) 3, Gateway Tech (2-0) 2, St. Dominic (2-0) 2.


Rank, teamRec.Pts.LW
1. John Burroughs (14)2-01401
2. Maryville2-01262
3. Cassville2-01103
4. Oak Grove2-0985
5. Centralia2-0765
6. Ste. Genevieve2-06710
7. Clinton2-044--
8. Richmond1-1286
9. Soldan1-1188
10. McCluer South-Berkeley1-1167

Others receiving votes: Aurora (2-0) 15, Hogan (2-0), Seneca (2-0) 12, Potosi (2-0) 3, Logan-Rogersville (0-2) 1, Osage (1-1) 1.


Rank, teamRec.Pts.LW
1. Maplewood-RH (11)2-01362
2. MV-Liberty (2)2-01273
3. Lafayette County2-01114
4. Blair Oaks2-0915
5. Lamar (1)1-1751
6. Clark County2-0577
7. Caruthersville1-1458
8. Lawson1-138T10
9. Holden1-1376
10. South Callaway2-0329

Others receiving votes: Mountain Grove (2-0) 16, Brookfield (2-0) 5.


Rank, teamRec.Pts.LW
1. Hamilton (14)2-01401
2. Salisbury2-01124
3. Tipton2-0995
4. Valle Catholic1-1863
5. Miller2-0786
6. South Shelby2-0617
7. West Platte2-049--
8. Wellington-Napoleon1-1482
9. Skyline2-0478
10. South Harrison1-1269

Others receiving votes: Westran (2-0) 14, Drexel (2-0) 8, Thayer (1-1) 2.


In Class 6, my votes were about the same as last week because Rockhurst lost to Bentonville, Ark. I voted for Parkway South instead of Ray-Pec at No. 10.

Class 5, I'm still voting Lee's Summit West No. 1 over Kirkwood and I didn't drop Staley as far (No. 4 in my poll).

Class 4, Savannah's win over Harrisonville put them No. 4 in my book. I kept Sikeston at No. 9 but the Bulldogs got bumped up because there's so many teams between Nos. 7-17 and Bolivar tumbled to No. 10 after a loss (no vote from me).

Class 3, I moved Ste. Genevieve up to 7 but the top 5 are set in my book. I voted for Logan-Rogersville at 10 because they lost by only 2 and their first loss was at a Mountain Grove team that's gaining momentum in Class 2. I didn't vote for Potosi.

Class 2, I'm the moron who voted Lamar No. 1 after the Tigers lost 13-6 at home to Seneca. Not sure what I was thinking, maybe forgot to move them before sending off my ballot or a 7-point loss in the rain shouldn't be that bad. I'm torn between MV-Liberty and Maplewood-RH at No. 1 but like M-RH with former Poplar Bluff assistant coach Rich Nixon as coach this year. I had Caruthersville still at 8.

Class 1, I kept Valle at 2 but added West Platte at 6 after beating Wellington-Napoleon. Rest of it is about the same.

MSHSAA District standings

Class 5

District 1WLPts
Poplar Bluff2040.0

Class 4

District 1WLPts
Cape Central1130.0
North County0217.0

Class 3

District 1WLPts
Ste. Genevieve2053.0
Park Hills Cen.1140.0
Lift for Life0223.0
New Madrid0217.5

Class 2

District 1WLPts
Scott City2046.0
East Prairie0217.0
St. Pius X01-3.0

Class 1

District 1WLPts
St. Vincent1152.0
Crystal City0222.0

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Slight error. Sikeston's points against is 14, not 17. Just FYI

-- Posted by semohoops on Sun, Sep 2, 2012, at 1:27 AM
Brian Rosener
Good thing I don't work for NASA.

Are you all going to post this seasons individual stats like you have done in years past? Just wondering.

-- Posted by FootballFan12 on Mon, Sep 3, 2012, at 2:26 PM
Brian Rosener
I believe so, but not my department.

Why isn't Perryville listed in SEMO CONFERENCE ...and they do have 2 wins (not 1)....this was posted at 5:46 ....they won this afternoon!

-- Posted by Guest21 on Mon, Sep 3, 2012, at 8:02 PM
Brian Rosener
Perryville is not a SEMO Conference team. The standings have been updated.

I don't think Perryville is in SEMO Conference. They are in the Mineral Area Conference (or something like that).

-- Posted by robbincrosby on Mon, Sep 3, 2012, at 9:38 PM

Brian, would you consider publishing how you personally voted in each class when you publish the state rankings each week like Rus Baer does? Just curious.

-- Posted by sideline starter on Wed, Sep 5, 2012, at 12:32 AM
Brian Rosener
I did in the preseason poll. Last week not much changed. Didn't have time this week with the holiday to put together notes, but I will in the future.

yea, i'd love an explanation of why potosi got votes for beating up on the power house confluence and barely beating the almighty pacific.... please don't tell me you voted for them.

-- Posted by Perrywinkle on Wed, Sep 5, 2012, at 3:29 PM

I'd like one too. By any statistical measure there's a couple Class 3 teams I can cite off my head that are better than Potosi.

-- Posted by mojo3 on Thu, Sep 6, 2012, at 11:35 AM

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